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New products at Harrod Horticultural

by John - March 3rd, 2011.
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New items today at Harrod Horticultural

Nemaslug and Grow Your Own Pest Control Packs -

Nemaslug and Grow Your Own Pest Control Packs – £19.85
Our Nemaslug and Grow Your Own Packs provide the ultimate organic garden pest control for soil dwelling rogues such as slugs carrot root fly caterpillars thrips and many other movers and shakers in the garden pest world. To give you even longer lasting natural biological control and plant protection we’ve brought these much heralded nematodes together and as each pack of gives up to 6 weeks of slug-free gardening – a fortnight with each pack – you can enjoy a combined total of 10 weeks grace from the pests mentioned above and their cronies! Simply mix the nematodes in both Grow Your Own and Nemaslug with water in a watering can or spray your garden sit back and let the nematodes do the hard work! Our Nemaslug and Grow Your Own Pest Control Packs consist of 1 pack of small Nemaslog (covers 40sqm ) and 2 packs of Grow Your Own each covering 60 sqm.

Wormcast -

Wormcast – £9.95
Wormcast is about as natural and organic as a garden fertiliser can get and it’s the good old earthworm who does all the hard work in producing this nutrient and humus-rich soil – the consistency has to be seen to be believed! Soil and organic matter passes through the digestive system of the worms to produce Wormcast which is used as a valuable and plant-boosting additive to potting composts garden soils hanging baskets and even lawns – not to mention vegetable plots and beds. This worm-processed soil is made by Norfolk worms and should be mixed with compost at a rate of 4 parts compost to 1 part wormcast; it contains beneficial organisms which help stimulate seed germination and subsequent root growth and with such a large number of garden uses you’ll find each 10 litre bag of Wormcast goes far too quickly!