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New products at Harrod Horticultural

by John - March 10th, 2011.
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Harrod Horticultural has these new products today

Sunjet Solar Pumps - 150W & 300W - 300W Sunjet Solar Pump - GDN-374

Sunjet Solar Pumps – 150W & 300W – 300W Sunjet Solar Pump – GDN-374 £69.95
The Sunjet Soar Pumps are small enough to fit inside almost any water patio feature but have the solar powered horsepower to bring the unmistakably relaxing sound of running water to your patio garden balcony or terrace. These feisty little water pumps are available in 150W and 300W versions and the pump units are fitted with suckered feet to enable them to be mounted to the bottom of the pond or feature – and as each pump also comes with an innovative float you can also sail the pump on the water surface! Power is supplied to these mini garden pond pumps by a separate solar panel connected by a 3m (10ft) cable which enables you to be completely flexible in positioning the panel in direct sunlight for maximum effect. Both versions of Sunjet Solar Pumps are fitted with filters for easy cleaning; they’ll oxygenate your pond by circulating water and you’ve three different fountain heads – each providing a different style – to choose from! A back-up battery will keep the Sunjet 300W Solar Pump operating in dull conditions and even at night – and the two LED lights which illuminate this version will add the finishing touches to your no-operating-cost water pump!

All in One Multi-Purpose Patio Garden -

All in One Multi-Purpose Patio Garden – £39.95
The versatile All in One Multi-Purpose Patio Garden provides an all-season complete grow and protect system for gardens of all sizes and is essentially a heavy duty polyethylene patio or garden raised bed cold frame and propagator in a tidy 90cm/35.5