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Price reductions at MowDirect

by Sarah - March 12th, 2011.
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Reduced price on lines today at MowDirect

Brill Classic 30 Hand Cylinder Mower

Brill Classic 30 Hand Cylinder Mower was £64.95 now £59.95
Take yourself back to the simplest form of grass cutting with a hand-propelled Brill Cylinder Mower to experience razor-sharp mowing at low cost; negating the need for oil and petrol you can keep your lawn maintenance costs to a minimum and give yourself a workout at the same time. The smallest machine in the range and probably the most fun to use is the Brill Classic 30 Cylinder Mower with a mowing width of 30cm and blade cylinder comprising 5 razor-sharp cutting edges, mounted on ball bearings, capable of delivering a precise cut to every blade of grass. Small lawns of up to 100 square meters are well suited to this classic lawnmower which has collapsible ladder frame style handlebars and adjustable cutting heights from 17mm – 43mm in 6 increments. With a weight of only 5.4kg the Brill Classic 30 Cylinder Mower is great fun if you want to whizz around and get a little exercise whilst mowing your lawn. Optional Cylinder Mower Grass Catcher for Classic 30 If you prefer to collect your grass clippings a stylish grass collection basket is available for the Brill Classic 30 Cylinder Mower. Woven nylon fabric is mounted onto a steel frame which slips on and off the body of your lawnmower with ease. Weight 1.3kg. FREE DELIVERY NEXT WORKING DAY! BRILL HAND CYLINDER MOWERS HAVE A 1 YEAR MANUFACTURER’S WARRANTY.

Castel Lawn King XPE37EL Electric Four-Wheel Lawn Mower

Castel Lawn King XPE37EL Electric Four-Wheel Lawn Mower was £78.99 now £75.00
The Castel Lawn-King XPE37EL Push-Type Electric -Lawnmower is equipped with a powerful 1100w motor and has a cutting width of 33cm – perfect for the smaller lawn. Clean-running, lightweight (just 12kg) and simple to operate, the XPE37EL has a three-position cutting-height (from 25 – 55mm) allowing you to make adjustments to suit the weather and grass conditions. A tough polypropylene collector is included.

Brill Evolution 36EM Electric Lawn Mower

Brill Evolution 36EM Electric Lawn Mower was £179.00 now £169.95
Innovation, functionality and superior performance are the key characteristics of the Brill Evolution 36EM. Its revolutionary space-saving design allows it to be stored in an upright position with the handle folded parallel with the body, so you’ll be able to find room for it in the smallest shed or car boot. This practical, German-engineered mower is powered by a quiet-running, low-maintenance 1300w electric motor, and employs Brill’s excellent dual-channel air-management system for a consistent finish and ultra-efficient grass-collection. Its generous 36-litre grassbox is equipped with a convenient level indictor; and its seven-step height-of-cut (16 – 70mm) is centrally-controlled for quick and easy adjustment (with the blade set to the lowest position, you’ll be able to achieve a really close ‘golf-course’-style finish). This model’s 36cm working-width makes it perfect for lawns of around 500 square-metres. It weighs only 19kg.

Lawn King R484B Push Lawn Mower

Lawn King R484B Push Lawn Mower was £209.00 now £199.00
This petrol push lawn mower from Lawn King has a 46 cm (18