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New products at Unwins Seeds and Plants

by Sarah - March 17th, 2011.
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Unwins Seeds & Plants just added this new item

Tomato Gro-Kit

Tomato Gro-Kit £12.95
Grafted tomatoes combine a strong base plant with the superior flavours of another variety making them tastier more vigorous and with better disease resistance. They not only perform better during cooler summers but fruit up to 2-3 weeks earlier and go on fruiting for longer than normal tomatoes. Your Grafted Tomato Gro-KitTM includes: • Three big well-rooted young plants in 7cm pots ready for planting – one each of Sakura Velocity and Shirley. • A big Patio Gro-BedTM – NEW this year and designed with the extra depth tomatoes need for best results. Just slip garden canes (not supplied) in the special sleeves for rigidity and fill with a good vegetable growing compost. • Water Saving Gel – absorbs up to 400 times its own weight in water. Ideal for thirsty tomatoes! One 250g sachet. • Concentrated Fertiliser-high in all the nutrients tomatoes love. Enough for 2 months based on a once-a-week feed once plants start fruiting. All you need to add is compost. Delivered early May (full instructions provided). If you haven’t got a garden position your Patio Gro-BedTM in a sunny spot outdoors water well and expect a bumper harvest from July to late October. Tomato Plants: Grafted Tomato Sakura – Deliciously sweet high yieldcherry tomato – one of the tastiest available. Grafted Tomato Shirley – A favourite variety producing heavy crops of standard-sized fruit. Grafted Tomato Velocity- Large meaty dark red fruits average weight per tomato 220 grams. Our NEW Patio Gro-BedsTM -Specially designed withthe extra depth needed for growing your tomatoes. Hardwearing and re-usable they measure 85cm long x 54cm wide and agenerous 30cm deep (34″ x 22″ x 12″). Canes not supplied.