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Price reductions at Garden Buildings Direct

by Sarah - March 17th, 2011.
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Garden Buildings Direct has cut the price of these lines

Garden Storage Billyoh Bucher Log Store 6' x 2'

Garden Storage Billyoh Bucher Log Store 6′ x 2′ was £42.90 now £39.90
The BillyOh Bucher Log Store is an ideal solution for those with an open fire and need an outdoor area to store logs. Its size allows it to be conveniently placed against an outside wall for you new garden shed or workshop and keep log storage contained, organised and dry.

Garden Storage Billyoh Big Mower Store 6' x 3'

Garden Storage Billyoh Big Mower Store 6′ x 3′ was £124.90 now £119.90
The BillyOh Big Mower Store uses the more sturdy Tongue and Groove cladding with a solid sheet material floor and roof, this gives it a more finished look and makes it sturdier.

6 x 4 Ashington Metal Shed

6 x 4 Ashington Metal Shed was £199.99 now £179.99
BillyOh Ashington 6 fronted Premium Steel Shed. Our Ashington all steel, apex roof shed is the answer where garden space is limited, or on the caravan park where non-combustible sheds are mandatory. The deep roll formed wall and roof panels provide MUCH IMPROVED STRENGTH when compared to shallow formed cladding of other steel sheds. . Probably the BEST LOOKING small shed on the market offering over 2m2 inside floor space for storage. Pad-lockable, smooth, inside running sliding doors provide a spacious door opening. . Optional Metal Shed Tongue and Groove Base Information . A pre-made Tongue and Groove flooring constructed to take a greater load capacity and provide better damp proofing ensuring protection of your contents. . If the tongue and groove base option is selected, woodscrews and washers must be used we cannot supply to attach the shed to the timber floor. Woodscrews go through the shed’s inner base rail holes with the washer for each screw securing adequate purchase between

7 x 5 Double Door

7 x 5 Double Door was £209.90 now £199.90
The BillyOh Lincoln Tongue and Groove Apex is a truly wonderful building made from the more aesthetically pleasing tongue and groove cladding. This design also offers a more secure construction method over the overlap type of building. . . . . . . . . . . . . . embed width 698 height 264 type application x-shockwave-flash salign . allowscriptaccess sameDomain menu true name Product-Overview-flash . bgcolor ffffff devicefont false wmode opaque scale showall loop true . play true pluginspage http go getflashplayer . quality high src ProductPage4 assets flash productOverview-flash.swf . . . Easy Assembly . To aid in the assembly some of the work has already been carried out for you. Each building comes with fully assembled panels and we supply a fixing kit with sufficient nails and felt to complete the roof assembly. . Construction . The walls on the building are made from strong and secure 11mm thick tongue and groove cladding so that the overall construction of the bu

Tongue and Groove Value 8 x 6 Shed

Tongue and Groove Value 8 x 6 Shed was £229.90 now £209.90
This Garden Shed is one of our own Garden Shed range. This Garden Shed made in the UK. The Billyoh Tongue and Groove Value Store Garden Shed windowless for extra security. The BillyOh Value Store Garden Shed is great for storage and is constructed using tongue and groove cladding throughout which consists of a single door for access. This wooden garden shed has solid sheet roof and floor.