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Price reductions at Dobies

by Sarah - March 24th, 2011.
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Dobies has cut the price of these items

3 Prong Cultivator

3 Prong Cultivator was £19.95 now £14.95
This garden cultivator is a traditional and popular tool that’s ideal for breaking up, aerating and maintaining soil before sowing and throughout the growing season. The head is made from hardened carbon steel with a durable powder coating to increase rust resistance and minimise soil adhesion, and its three curved tines have arrow-shaped tips which help it to penetrate the earth and break up clumps. Plus it has a comfortable ergonomic hand grip. Overall length 137cm (54″). ONLY 1 LEFT.

Long Handled Patio Knife

Long Handled Patio Knife was £8.50 now £5.50
Remove those ugly and annoying weeds from all the cracks and crevices in your patios and paths without the need to stoop or kneel. This handy gadget has a u-shaped hooked blade at the end that whips them out in seconds! Particularly good at getting out the weeds between paving slabs. Length approximately 87cm (34″).

Dirt Trapper Mat (Oatmeal - large)

Dirt Trapper Mat (Oatmeal – large) was £39.95 now £29.95
No more muddy footprints or paw-marks on clean floors and carpets! The doormats stop dirt at the door with an amazingly absorbent cotton pile that lifts wet, dry and even greasy dirt from shoes and paws. Non-slip rubber backing, and with the bonus of being easily machine washable at 40