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Price reductions at Suttons Seeds

by Sarah - March 24th, 2011.
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Suttons Seeds has cut the price of these lines

Carry Cart - Spare Clamps (Pack of 4)

Carry Cart – Spare Clamps (Pack of 4) was £2.50 now £1.50
Spare pack of 4 resin clamps to secure bags on Carry Cart. ONLY 20 LEFT.. . . . . .

Replacement Nutrition Bars (Pack of 3)

Replacement Nutrition Bars (Pack of 3) was £8.95 now £4.95
A pack of 3 replacement nutrition bars for these cheerful colour Bird Bistros. ONLY 12 LEFT.. . . . . .

Long Handled Patio Knife

Long Handled Patio Knife was £8.50 now £5.50
Remove those ugly and annoying weeds from all the cracks and crevices in your patios and paths without the need to stoop or kneel. This handy gadget has a u-shaped hooked blade at the end that whips them out in seconds! Particularly good at getting out the weeds between paving slabs. Length approximately 87cm (34″).. . . . . .

Carry Cart - Spare Bags (Pack of 10)

Carry Cart – Spare Bags (Pack of 10) was £7.95 now £5.95
Pack of 10 spare Carry Cart bags.. . . . . .

Angled Hose Connector

Angled Hose Connector was £8.50 now £6.50
A rotating and swivelling connector that prevents your hose kinking and twisting at the tap. Also ideal for use on hose trolleys. Suitable for 26.5mm tap with 33.3mm thread and for 21mm tap with 26.5mm thread. ONLY 7 LEFT.. . . . . .

Garden Knee Pads

Garden Knee Pads was £12.95 now £7.95
All gardeners, however well-equipped, would welcome this pair of adjustable cushion knee pads. Strong and comfortable, they also retain body heat and help prevent stiff joints. ONLY 5 LEFT.. . . . . .

Flowerbed Bird Feeders

Flowerbed Bird Feeders was £9.95 now £7.95
These colourful natural feeders, made from dried fruit pods, will feed the birds and brighten up your garden too. Simply push them into flowerbeds, borders, lawns, patio containers and window boxes, or attach them to a fence or pergola. Height approximately 41cm (16″). In a pack of three assorted colours, and a pack of bird seed completes this lovely gift.. . . . . .

Self-watering Herb Pot

Self-watering Herb Pot was £12.95 now £8.95
Grow tasty herbs in your kitchen, conservatory or on the patio. This unique Self-watering Herb Pot has an internal water reservoir and capillary mat system that keeps plants watered for longer – for healthier herbs with less hassle. Why not plant each of the four removable plant pockets with a different variety? 22cm (8½”) diameter x 20cm (8″) high. ONLY 14 LEFT.. . . . . .


SnailAway was £14.95 now £9.95
SnailAway adhesive tape works by giving a tiny electric shock to any slug or snail trying to cross it, thus driving the pests away from your precious plants. It’s quick and easy to apply, looks attractive, works in all weathers, and is completely safe for animals, children and wildlife. Each kit contains 2m (6’6″) of tape – enough to protect a container up to 60cm (2′) in diameter – battery box with adhesive pad and full instructions. Requires 1 PP3 battery (not supplied).. Pack of 3. . . . .


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