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New products at Crocus

by Sarah - April 13th, 2011.
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Lots of new items at Crocus

Brussels Watering System All In One

Brussels Watering System All In One £36.99
Click on the image to enlarge and scrol through the images to see just how good this watering system really is. The water indicator shows when your plant needs more water this system rerally helps with ensuring the plant is is not under watered or over watered.


hydrangea £34.99
A glorious ‘two-tone’ flower

hazel nut

hazel nut £29.99
Delicious large hazelnuts

De Wit Double Hoe Heartshaped

De Wit Double Hoe Heartshaped £27.99
Wonderful for clearing weeds, loosening the soil and light digging, this clever hand tool has two heads, so will work effectively even in heavy soils. A top-quality tool, the head has been hand-forged using carbon steel, while the solid ash handle acts as an excellent shock-absorber. Measurements: Length 40cm x width 23cm x height 6.5cm


kumquat £24.99
Tart tasting fruits like mini oranges

water lily

water lily £22.99
Gorgeous large blooms

Extension Kit for the Easy to Grow Kit

Extension Kit for the Easy to Grow Kit £19.99
for extension to the easy to grow kit

common myrtle

common myrtle £19.99
A evergreen shrub with white, fluffy flowers


dogwood £19.99
Large cluster of white flowers