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New products at Dobies

by Sarah - April 15th, 2011.
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Dobies has these new products today

Petunia Surfinia Plant Collection Pack of 6 Pot Ready Plants (1 of each colour)

Petunia Surfinia Plant Collection Pack of 6 Pot Ready Plants (1 of each colour) £7.95
This incredible variety shot to fame more than a decade ago and has grown in popularity every year since! The impressive trailing plants grow vigorously, and are teeming with bright colourful flowers from mid-June until autumn. Surfinia® is the perfect plant for all types of containers, literally exploding with colour wherever you put it. It’s also a superb choice for ground cover, growing over low walls in a torrential waterfall of colour. Trails up to 90cm (3′) long! Surfinia Collection is a mixed collection of Hot Pink, Burgundy, Sky Blue, Yellow, Violet and Vanilla.Also available Twin Packs comprising: Sky Blue & Yellow, Blue Vein & Rose Vein, Hot Pink & Burgundy, Violet & Vanilla. All colours are available individually in packs of 6 Pot Ready Plants. SAVE £7.95 on pack of 12 plants + 6 extra FREE! Full growing instructions included. Late April Prefers full sun.

Long Reach Swop-Top Pole

Long Reach Swop-Top Pole £16.95
This telescopic ‘Swop-Top’ Pole gives you an ultimate reach of up to 5m (16′) (including user height), so you can work safely from the ground. It’s sturdy yet lightweight, with a puller and unique locking device that adjusts to suit the height of the pole. And you can quickly and easily swap between different heads for different jobs.

Leylandii Shears

Leylandii Shears £22.95
Ideal for trimming the green growth of those rampant Leylandii and most other types of hedging. With wavy-edged blades that help trap growth at 90