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New products at Suttons Seeds

by Sarah - April 15th, 2011.
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Lots of new items added today at Suttons Seeds

Hibiscus Newbiscus Pink

Hibiscus Newbiscus Pink £24.99
Unlike traditional varieties, Newbiscus™ is hardy! So although it makes a great container plant it can also be grown in a sheltered border in the garden and, although it will get cut down by frost in winter, it’ll shoot up again each spring, putting on a spectacular show of enormous blooms over 20cm (8″) in diameter in late summer. Height 90cm (36″). Supplied in a 5 litre pot.Part of our Mediterranean Garden range. With these exotic varieties you can bring a taste of the Med to your garden or conservatory, capturing the spirit of sunnier climes, and memories of sumptuous summer holidays! Even under grey skies they’ll lift your spirits for years to come!. 1 Plant. Full growing instructions included.. . 81-90CM. . Ideal for beds, borders and patio containers. Prefers full sun.

Aster Milady Mix Seeds

Aster Milady Mix Seeds £6.99
Excellent weather resistant bedding plants, bushy and uniform in habit. Flowers are large, with incurving petals and colours are bright and clear. Ideal also for tubs, troughs and window boxes, and as pot-plants. RHS ‘Award of Garden Merit’ winner. HHA – Half hardy annual. Height 25cm (10″). ‘Fourfold’ Packet.Click here to see more growing information on Aster Milady Mix Seeds.. Average Packet Content 800 seeds – FOURFOLD. Sow March-May under glass for flowers July-October, or sow outdoors in April-May.. July-October. 21-30CM. . Ideal for beds and borders, tubs, troughs and window boxes. Suitable for cutting. Prefers full sun.

Salvia splendens Blaze of Fire Seeds

Salvia splendens Blaze of Fire Seeds £6.40
Vivid scarlet. Early blooming. Extremely popular for summer bedding, superb grown with blue ageratum. Free-flowering, compact plants. HHA – Half hardy annual. Height 30cm (12″).. Average Packet Content 320 seeds – FOURFOLD. Sow February-March under glass in gentle heat for flowers July-September.. July-September. 21-30CM. . Ideal for beds, border and patio containers. Prefers full sun.

Begonia F1 Nonstop Mix Supaseeds

Begonia F1 Nonstop Mix Supaseeds £4.85
An outstanding item. Perfectly formed fully double flowers in a lovely colour range. Excellent for containers, baskets, borders or in pots in the greenhouse. RHS Award of Garden Merit winner. HHA/HHP – Half hardy annual/Half hardy perennial. Tuberous. Height 30cm (12″). SUPASEEDS – Coated seed form for easier handling and sowing.. Average Packet Content 50 seeds. Sow December-February under glass in gentle heat. Flowers June-September. N.B. Resulting tubers may be stored through winter and started into growth in early spring.. June-September. 21-30CM. . Ideal for beds, borders and patio containers. Prefers full sun or partial shade.

Lobelia F1 Fan Mix Seeds

Lobelia F1 Fan Mix Seeds £4.85
In a stunning array of colours, this lobelia is hard to beat. And as well as in borders, it also makes a superb cut flower. Half-hardy perennial. Height 60cm (24″).. Average Packet Content 100 seeds. Best grown as a half-hardy annual. Flowers year after year. Sow January-April under glass in gentle heat. Flowers August-September in first year, July-September thereafter.. August-September. 51-60CM. . Ideal for beds, borders, patio containers and hanging baskets. Prefers full sun or partial shade.

Kingfisher Daisy Summer Melody Seeds (Felicia)

Kingfisher Daisy Summer Melody Seeds (Felicia) £4.75
A pretty little, chrysanthemum-like flowered bedder. An attractive blue with a small proportion of pink, rose and purple. Height 15-20cm (6-8″).Click here to see more growing information on Kingfisher Daisy Summer Melody Seeds (Felicia).. Average Packet Content 45 Seeds. Grow as a HHA – Half hardy annual. Sow January-March under glass or March-May outdoors. Flowers June-September.. June-September. 10-20CM. . Ideal for beds, borders and patio containers. Attractive to butterflies. Prefers full sun.

Rockery Seed Collection

Rockery Seed Collection £4.39
Plants flower year after year. Flowers from spring through summer. For rockeries, walls or dry banks. Collection comprises: Alyssum saxatile Golden Queen – clusters of golden yellow flowers in early spring. Spreading growth habit. Height 23cm (9″); Aubrieta Large Flowered Mix – spreading cushion-like plants producing cascades of pink, blue and mauve flowers in profusion throughout the spring. Height 10cm (4″); Dianthus Brilliant Star – white flowers with magenta centres on green/blue foliage, flowers May-August. Height 15cm (6″); Snow in Summer (Cerastium tomentosum) – impressive silvery grey spreading foliage throughout the year, with flowers produced during spring and summer. Height 15cm (6″); Rock Rose Mix (Helianthemum mutabile) – small ‘rose-like’ flowers are borne on spreading plants from June-August. Height 15cm (6″). (Should any of the varieties stated be unavailable, we will substitute with another first class item.) Height: 10-23cm (4-9″) depending on varietyClick here to see more growing information on Rockery Seed Collection.. . Full growing instructions given on packet.. . 10-20CM. . After planting water well until plants are established.

Poppy Seed Collection

Poppy Seed Collection £4.39
An outstanding collection of five beautiful double and semi-double varieties, all of which are easy to grow, make superb border plants, and will astound you with their large, boldly coloured blooms, which are ideal for cutting: Black Paeony – Deep purple; Flemish Antique – Red and rose, striped with a creamy white; Pink Bicolour – Bicoloured pink; Scarlet Paeony – Bright scarlet; Swansdown – Snow white. Annual poppies, fluttering and swaying in the breeze, are the very essence of summer. HA – Hardy annual. Height 90cm (3′).Click here to see more growing information on Poppy Seed Collection.. . Sow March-May outdoors for flowers June-September, or September to bloom April-June the following year.. June-September. 81-90CM. . Ideal for beds and borders. Prefers full sun. Try poppy seeds sprinkled on bread, cakes and biscuits.

Rhodochiton atrosanguineum Seeds (Purple Bell Vine)

Rhodochiton atrosanguineum Seeds (Purple Bell Vine) £3.99
Beautiful bell-shaped blooms of deep salmon with a purple central tube. Ideal against a wall or fence. Also looks good trailing from hanging baskets. A popular fast-growing climber for the greenhouse or sunny, sheltered spot outdoors. GP – Greenhouse perennial. Height 180-240cm (6-8′).Click here to see more growing information on Rhodochiton atrosanguineum Seeds (Purple Bell Vine).. Packet Content 10 seeds. Sow February-March for flowers July-September.. July-September. 201-250CM. . Ideal climber. Prefers full sun.