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New products at Dobies

by Sarah - April 19th, 2011.
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New items today at Dobies

Jute String (Giant Ball)

Jute String (Giant Ball) £1.95
An enormous 500g ball of tough, yet soft and easy to use, natural jute string. Invaluable throughout the garden, it’s something that no gardener should be without!

Helianthemum Ben Hope Plants Pack of 3 Potted Plants

Helianthemum Ben Hope Plants Pack of 3 Potted Plants £12.95
These beautiful ‘Rock Roses’ produce spreading mounds of foliage smothered in masses of vibrant flowers. Once established they are extremely hardy and drought-tolerant, thriving in hot, sunny spots where many plants would not survive. Loved by bees and butterflies too. Ben Hope – Pale pink flowers with golden-orange centres. Height 20cm (8″).Supplied as well established plants in pots that can be planted straight out into their final positions in the garden. Full growing instructions included. May-August Prefers full sun.

Geranium Candyfloss Plants Pack of 20 Easiplants

Geranium Candyfloss Plants Pack of 20 Easiplants £8.95
A breathtaking blend of harmonious pastel shades from the ‘Palladium’ series of geraniums, producing sturdy, compact plants bearing a multitude of large flowers throughout summer. Certain to be a hit! Height 30-38cm (12-15″). SAVE £4.95 on pack of 40 Easiplants! Full growing instructions included. May Prefers full sun.

Coreopsis Plant Twin Pack Pack of 6 Potted Plants (3 of each variety) - SAVE £4.95!

Coreopsis Plant Twin Pack Pack of 6 Potted Plants (3 of each variety) – SAVE £4.95! £24.95
Robust border plants that flower all summer long, attracting bees and butterflies. These two hardy coreopsis are a change from traditional yellow. SAVE £1.95 on this pack of 6 plants (3 of each variety):Ruby Frost – A colour breakthrough! Large deep ruby flowers with a collar of frosty white. Height 90cm (36″).Snowberry – Creamy-white flowers that are splashed with a dark red eye. Height 80cm (32″).Potted Plants: Well established plants in 1 litre pots that can be planted straight out into their final positions in the garden. Full growing instructions included. Mid June June-October Prefers full sun.

Fruit Press (12 Litre)

Fruit Press (12 Litre) £174.95
Ideal for pressing apples, grapes and other fruit, our spindle presses combine superb quality with excellent value, and are very easy to use. Just fill the cage with crushed fruit, assemble the two semi-circular pressing plates and the large iron nut on top, and use the wooden bar to screw down, the delicious juice flows into the base plate for collection. The press cage is made from fashioned oak staves, the pressure plates and space blocks from beech, all seasoned and coated with food compatible varnish. It has a robust, pressed steel base plate with lip to aid pouring, with wide-set pressed steel legs for stability, and all the pressed steel is protected by a tough baked-on polyester coating for longevity. Easy home assembly. Complete with instruction booklet and fruit net.12 Litre: Holds 24 lbs of apples, giving a juice yield of up to 4.5 litres (8 pints). Height 57cm (22½”), cage diameter 27cm (22½”), overall diameter 37cm (14½”), weight 122kg (22½ lbs).

Spiral Plant Supports

Spiral Plant Supports £19.95
Support multi-stemmed plants in style with these ingenious galvanised steel supports. They can be used easily at any time throughout the season and provide natural-looking support that distributes plant stems evenly for healthier growth. For taller, more mature plants, insert the support head into the top of a standard cane. Diameter approximately 33cm (13″); height 49cm (19½”). Set of four.

Aquapod Watering System and Aquapod Extension Kit

Aquapod Watering System and Aquapod Extension Kit £94.85
Make watering your patio containers effortless with this cleverly designed watering system. Ideal for people with busy lives as well as for holiday watering, and because it delivers water directly to plants roots where its needed, it uses 90% less water than ordinary hand-held devices! Installation is quick and easy (normally less than five minutes!): just connect the timer unit to the tap, set the length and frequency of watering, position the Aquapod base units, pull out the dripper hoses to precisely the lengths you need them and position the self-cleaning, pressure regulating dripper at the end of each in your pots. If your patio layout changes it only takes two minutes to adjust! Maximum length of each dripper hose 2m (6’6″). Watering system comprises water timer, two Aquapods (including 10 drippers with pot stakes), pressure regulator with two outlets, 20m (65′) of 4mm tubing to connect your Aquapods to the pressure regulator. Aquapod size 17cm high, 14cm diameter. Extension kit comprises one extra Aquapod (with 5 drippers), 5 stakes and adaptors to convert the pressure regulator for 3 outlets.