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Price reductions at Harrod Horticultural

by John - April 24th, 2011.
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Harrod Horticultural has cut the price of these items

Maxi A-Frame Vegetable Garden - Pack of 4 Seed Trays - GRE-506

Maxi A-Frame Vegetable Garden – Pack of 4 Seed Trays – GRE-506 was £3.00 now £2.95
The Maxi A-Frame Vegetable Garden provides an instant solution to that age-old gardening conundrum – the lack of space to cultivate fresh fruit vegetables and herbs within picking reach of the kitchen. The clever triple layered timber frame of the Maxi A-Frame Vegetable Garden complete with six 28 litre capacity jumbo allows you to create a three-tiered flexible allotment of fresh herbs salads vegetables and strawberries to hopefully suit even the smallest garden situation and if this king-size A-Frame Garden with its 1.92m² (over 6 square feet) of growing space is a little on the large size then the – with 0.64m² of crop growing area spread over three x 16 litre capacity trays – should fit perfectly! The Maxi A-Frame Vegetable Garden is not just a one trick pony; thanks to the smaller seed trays (4 of which fit into a jumbo tray) propagating lids and capillary matting insert the interchangeable trays can be used as greenhouse-based propagating units before being transferred to the frame for hardening off and growing on. These growing trays offer great flexibility which ultimately allow you to sow grow and harvest all year round without the need to transplant. To maximise your harvest from the Maxi A-Frame Vegetable Garden our top tip is to buy additional growing trays – this way you can add a new one that has been brought on indoors as each one is harvested therefore achieving succession growing. And when you consider the FSC high pressure treated timber frames – both designed and manufactured by our experienced team – are designed to maximise light and ventilation to plants prevent slugs from reaching the trays and encourage close planting to inhibit the growth of weeds you’ll wonder how you ever managed before! Purchase for your Maxi A-Frame Vegetable Garden and increase the amount and frequency of crops you can grow!

Frost Buster -

Frost Buster – was £49.95 now £39.95
Make the most of your smaller greenhouse this winter by investing in the Frost Buster Propane Gas Heater. Frost Buster works with a small thermally protected gas flame that produces both heat and CO2 ideal for strong healthy plant growth. The thermal protection ensures maximum safety and prevents any escape of unburnt gas. The Frost Buster is available in two versions producing 300 watts or 800 watts heat output. Both heaters are economical to run (30% cheaper then paraffin) and ideal for keeping frost at bay in greenhouses up to 24 square feet in size. Clean and easy to use the Frost Buster is supplied with a hose and regulator and propane cylinders (not included) are available from garages camping and outdoor pursuit stores and some DIY outlets.