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Price reductions at Garden Buildings Direct

by Sarah - April 30th, 2011.
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Garden Buildings Direct has cut the price of these lines

Gardman Compact Walk In Greenhouse

Gardman Compact Walk In Greenhouse was £47.90 now £44.90
Compact Walk In Mini Greenhouse Excellent ‘starter’ greenhouse. Ideal for limited spaces as its mini greenhouse size. Ideal for seed propagation.

6 x 4 Ashington Metal Shed

6 x 4 Ashington Metal Shed was £169.90 now £159.90
BillyOh Ashington 6 fronted Premium Steel Shed. Our Ashington all steel, apex roof shed is the answer where garden space is limited, or on the caravan park where non-combustible sheds are mandatory. The deep roll formed wall and roof panels provide MUCH IMPROVED STRENGTH when compared to shallow formed cladding of other steel sheds. . Probably the BEST LOOKING small shed on the market offering over 2m2 inside floor space for storage. Pad-lockable, smooth, inside running sliding doors provide a spacious door opening. . Optional Metal Shed Tongue and Groove Base Information . A pre-made Tongue and Groove flooring constructed to take a greater load capacity and provide better damp proofing ensuring protection of your contents. . If the tongue and groove base option is selected, woodscrews and washers must be used we cannot supply to attach the shed to the timber floor. Woodscrews go through the shed’s inner base rail holes with the washer for each screw securing adequate purchase between

6 x 4 Lean To Greenhouse

6 x 4 Lean To Greenhouse was £234.90 now £224.90
Polycarbonate-glazing is used on all models for family safety and heat efficiency. Strong, green-coated bases of galvanised steel to secure the structure are also offered. All packs come complete with fittings and instructions. . Our new greenhouses combine style and affordability. The green-coated, aluminium frame has an enamelled coating for long life, and it does not tarnish or fade. Its classic shape and colour mean it looks good in both traditional and modern gardens. Polycarbonate glazing is light, strong and safe, virtually unbreakable and easy to handle. . Its twin-wall construction provides an ideal growing environment and good insulation from frost. It also maintains a more even temperature than glass does, resulting in better plant growth, and diffuses light, thereby preventing scorch. . . What is included . Aluminium frame pack . Polycarbonate pack . Greenhouse base pack . . . Please Note All vertical dimensions stated include the 5 greenhouse base that is supplied as stand

10 x 8 Carrington Metal Shed

10 x 8 Carrington Metal Shed was £299.90 now £289.90
Space . We believe that the Carrington sheds are probably the best looking metal sheds on the market. We have carefully checked Carrington s INSIDE floor measurements with competitive makes to find that the Carrington 10 x 8 provide MORE INSIDE floor space of 7.6 . . Strength . Most Important The deep roll-formed wall and roof panels provide unique strength unlike shallow formed clad sheds. . Base . Please ensure that when you build your concrete or flagstone base to insert a strong plastic membrane BELOW the concrete or flagstones to prevent rising damp. Build your base NO more than 30mm larger all round than the BASE measurements given below under TECHNICAL INFORMATION to allow rainwater discharging proud off your base at the sides of the Carrington. . Instructions . Comprehensive, illustrated step-by-step user instructions supplied. . Optional Metal Shed Tongue and Groove Base Information . A pre-made Tongue and Groove flooring constructed to take a greater load capacity and provide