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Garden tractors from Mow Direct

by Sarah - May 11th, 2011.
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Fantastic machines at MowDirect! When you’ve got a big garden and need as much help as you can get!
Heavy-duty garden tractors for estates, parks & larger properties 3-5 acres plus.

Simplicity Legacy L27/4XL Heavy-Duty Garden Tractor with Four Wheel Drive

Simplicity Legacy L27/4XL Heavy-Duty Garden Tractor with Four Wheel Drive £12595.00
If your property is on hilly terrain and you have inclines and slopes to maintain you may wish to consider this four wheel drive version of the Simplicity Legacy.

Simplicity Legacy L27/2XL Heavy-Duty Garden Tractor

Simplicity Legacy L27/2XL Heavy-Duty Garden Tractor £9999.00
Start with a “”clean slate”” design approach. Then, incorporate more than 80 years of knowledge and experience. The result is a commercial-duty garden tractor with exceptional performance, durability and comfort. With a heavy-duty drivetrain, advanced mowing system, superior traction, and foot-operated hydraulic attachment lift, you can count on Legacy to provide superior performance regardless of the task.

Mountfield 2448H-4WD Lawn & Garden Tractor (Four-Wheel Drive)

Mountfield 2448H-4WD Lawn & Garden Tractor (Four-Wheel Drive) £4999.00
With its very high-performance 724cc Briggs & Stratton engine powering all four wheels, the Mountfield 2448H-4WD will perform brilliantly on sloping, damp, or rough ground. Its huge 122cm width-of-cut means you be able to cover the largest lawns and paddocks (up to five-acres) with speed and efficiency; while its foot-operated hydrostatic-drive provides the control and manoeuvrability you’ll need to safely negotiate shrubs, trees and garden furniture. Designed for the top-end of the domestic market, this model comes with a massive 360-litre grass-collector which can be dumped from the driver’s seat and features a buzzer to alert you when it’s at capacity. It cuts wider than the wheel-width, so there’s less work to do with the grass-trimmer after mowing; and it offers an exceptionally wide-ranging nine-stage height-of-cut that’s adjustable between 25 and 100mm to suit conditions. Other premium features include an LED display, which provides the user with a raft of operational information; and a deck-wash port, which allows you to fit a standard hose-pipe for the hassle-free cleaning of the deck and blades. A tow-bar and mulch-kit are both supplied as standard.

Westwood V20/50H Heavy-Duty Garden Tractor with Powered Grass Collector and 50

Westwood V20/50H Heavy-Duty Garden Tractor with Powered Grass Collector and 50″” IBS Deck £4995.00
Designed with an all-new heavy-duty chassis and body, the V20/50 is the largest tractor mower in the Westwood range. Featuring a totally new sound-deadening bonnet for quieter operation, the Westwood offers style and ergonomics in abundance. Infinitely variable hydrostatic speed control, with forward and reverse pedals, makes for relaxed mowing and towing. The seat is adjustable and extremely comfortable. A Diff Lock provides greater control on slopes and there is a parking brake for increased safety.

Honda HF-2620HTE Lawn & Garden Tractor

Honda HF-2620HTE Lawn & Garden Tractor £4299.00
Its the ultimate lawn & garden tractor in the Honda range, delivering the highest standards of power, convenience and precision. The HF-2620HTE’s powerful 20hp Honda V-twin engine drives a 48″” wide-cut deck which delivers the grass cuttings quickly and efficiently through a collection channel and into a vast 350 litre grass bag. Hydrostatic drive is standard, guaranteeing a smooth and even distribution of power at any speed as well as a precision cut for those more intricate parts of your garden. Ideal for properties containing 2-3 acres or more of lawns, paddock or pasture, this tractor’s 5-year guarantee is a sure sign of excellence in every respect! Other high-specification features include an electric grass dump system and smooth push-button electric blade engagement.

Simplicity Baron B21T/40 Lawn Tractor (Special Offer)

Simplicity Baron B21T/40 Lawn Tractor (Special Offer) £4199.00
Introducing the New Simplicity Baron – a brand new rear collection machine with complete new design and styling! The New Simplicity Baron is a rugged, dependable rear-discharge lawn tractor with mulching capability. Its 102cm Free Floating mower deck has full width rollers for the perfect striped finish and allows trimming on either side right up to the edge of your lawn. It features twin, counter rotating blades to stand up and cut even thick, wet grass. LOOK>>>SPECIAL LOW PRICE>>SAVE £500!

Massey Ferguson MF50-22 FMZ Front-Cut 50 Zero-Turn Sit-On Lawn Mower

Massey Ferguson MF50-22 FMZ Front-Cut 50 Zero-Turn Sit-On Lawn Mower £4199.00
Designed for very large-scale residential lawn maintenance, the Massey Ferguson MF50-22 FMZ is one of the most technologically-advanced ride-on lawnmowers currently available. It employs Massey’s Synchro steering system, which matches the speed and rotational direction of the front drive-wheels to that of the rear wheels. This allows you to make 360° turns within the length of the machine, doing away with the need for time-consuming three-point turns, and making it easy to negotiate awkward corners. Manoeuvrability is enhanced further thanks to this model’s foot-controlled hydrostatic drive, which also allows you to work at a pace which best suits the conditions. The MF50-22 FMZ is equipped with a heavy-duty three-blade deck, which at 127cm, is one of the widest available. A pivoting front-axle and low centre-of-gravity ensure the deck closely follows the contours of the terrain for a smooth, uniform finish. A pair of wash-nozzles makes it easy to keep the deck and blades free of dead grass-cuttings; while soft-touch steering and an adjustable high-back driver’s seat, with arm-rests, ensure operator-comfort is maximised. This top-of-the-range machine is capable of either mulching or side-discharging clippings, so it’s as good-a-performer on formal lawns as it is on paddocks and other long-grass areas. Power comes from a very high-performance 22hp Kohler twin-cylinder engine.

Simplicity Conquest C23/50 Garden Tractor (Special Limited Offer)

Simplicity Conquest C23/50 Garden Tractor (Special Limited Offer) £4199.00
Nothing is more important in a garden tractor than being able to comfortably perform a variety of tasks, and enjoy doing them. You can count on the Simplicity Conquest with its huge 50″” cuttiing deck and powerful 23 hp Briggs & Stratton engine delivering a beautiful cut, exceptional traction, superior operator comfort and durability. The Conquest’s Free Floating mower with full-width rollers provides the best quality of cut. It allows you to design beautiful lawn striping patterns just like the ones on football pitches. Automatic controlled traction minimizes wheel slippage, producing a yard tractor with exceptional traction for both the flat and hilly terrain. Differential lock, a tight 18″” turning radius, and large 23-inch, 4-ply drive tires provide added control to create a yard & garden tractor that delivers peak performance year-round! SAVE £500! ONLY WHILE STOCKS LAST!

Massey Ferguson MF48-24RD Rear-Discharge Lawn & Garden Tractor

Massey Ferguson MF48-24RD Rear-Discharge Lawn & Garden Tractor £4199.00
Powerful, versatile and superbly engineered, the Massey Ferguson MF48-24RD is a truly exceptional machine. It’s driven by an extremely high-powered 24hp Kawasaki engine, with overhead-valves for reduced fuel-consumption and fewer emissions; and it’s equipped with a gearless hydrostatic-drive, which makes it quick and easy to select the most effective ground-speed for the task in hand. This premium model has a 122cm cutting-width (the widest in the range), so it’s capable of covering a huge lawn very quickly and efficiently. With the fitting of the optional mulch-kit you’ll be able to recycle grass-clippings, perfect for regularly mown lawns; while the optional rear-deflector will allow you to work without the collector, ideal when you’re dealing with very long grass. Thanks to its low centre-of-gravity, wide stance and articulating front-axle, the MF48-24RD performs brilliantly on areas of rough, undulating ground (like orchards or paddocks). Massey’s Direct-Collect bagging technology and fan-assisted, high-vacuum deck combine to ensure outstanding collection-performance, even in damp conditions; while their innovative RevTek system allows the blades to remain engaged while you’re reversing; saving time and making it easy to revisit any missed-patches you spot. The massive 400-litre grassbag can be emptied from the seat and has an audible ‘collector full’ alarm; and the Smart-Jet deck-cleaning nozzles ensure you’ll have no trouble keeping the underside of the deck free of corrosive grime and clumped grass-cuttings. Light-touch steering, padded foot pedals, a high-back seat and cruise control all work to make the Massey Ferguson MF48-24D a pleasure to use.