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Price reductions at Dobies

by Sarah - May 14th, 2011.
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Reduced price on products today at Dobies

Burnished Copper 3 Pot Wall Hanger

Burnished Copper 3 Pot Wall Hanger was £10.99 now £7.99
WAS £21.99; NOW £10.99; SAVE £11.00!So chic it could only be French-inspired. This burnished copper-effect metal pot holder with delightful heart motif. Flat wall plate style.

Burnished Copper 3 Pot Table Holder

Burnished Copper 3 Pot Table Holder was £9.99 now £6.99
WAS £19.99; NOW £9.99; SAVE £10.00!So chic it could only be French-inspired. This burnished copper-effect metal pot holder with delightful heart motif.

Remote Controlled Solar Utility Light

Remote Controlled Solar Utility Light was £59.95 now £49.95
Light sheds, garages and greenhouses with a safe and easily inst alled solar powered light. Comprises solar panel with replaceable Li-ion batteries, light with 4 x 1 Watt super bright LEDs in an aluminium housing, and 3m (10′) cable linking the two. Operated by a remote control, with cradle holder for easy storage. Provides up to 6 hours of light when fully charged. Solar panel measures 20cm (8″) wide x 16.5cm (6½”) deep; light 30cm (12″) wide x 18cm (7″) high. ONLY 7 LEFT.WAS £79.95, SAVE £20.00!

Triple Nesting Box for Sparrows and Starlings

Triple Nesting Box for Sparrows and Starlings was £33.95 now £23.95
Make your garden bird-friendly this Christmas! Why not install a new home for them? Made from solid timber, this attractive pyramid-shaped nest box is 3 boxes in one, each with a separate entry hole for our well-loved communal nesting birds. Designed to fix to a wall (ideally under the eaves of a house) and comes with pre-drilled mounting holes. Measures 51cm (20″) wide x 20cm (8″) deep x 51cm (20″) high. ONLY 8 LEFT.WAS £43.95, SAVE £10.00!

Vitogrow Self-watering Mini Garden

Vitogrow Self-watering Mini Garden was £52.95 now £39.95
WAS £64.95, NOW £52.95, SAVE £12.00!Expand your growing possibilities with this ingenious ‘Mini Garden’. Ideal for salads and herbs, indoors or out, it features a unique automatic watering system which provides plants with constant access to water and nutrients with no fear of over or under-watering (a water regulator draws water from the reservoir into the water tray as it runs low, and capillary strips take water up into the soil as and when the plants need it). Simply fill the growing tray with compost, sow your seeds, and ensure the reservoir is periodically topped up. It couldn’t be easier! Complete with full instructions. Size 105cm (41″) long x 55cm (22″) wide x 15cm (6″) high. ONLY 17 LEFT

Buff Willow Flower Basket

Buff Willow Flower Basket was £17.49 now £9.99
WAS £24.99; NOW £17.49; SAVE £7.50!A beautiful, traditional flower basket, much admired by any flower girl! The open ended design ensures your flowers aren’t damaged while staying securely in the basket. ONLY 5 LEFT

SnailAway Pack of 3

SnailAway Pack of 3 was £9.95 now £6.95
SnailAway adhesive tape works by giving a tiny electric shock to any slug or snail trying to cross it, thus driving the pests away from your precious plants. It’s quick and easy to apply, looks attractive, works in all weathers, and is completely safe for animals, children and wildlife. Each kit contains 2m (6’6″) of tape – enough to protect a container up to 60cm (2′) in diameter – battery box with adhesive pad and full instructions. Requires 1 PP3 battery (not supplied).WAS £14.95, SAVE £5.00!

Snapper Cut-n-Hold

Snapper Cut-n-Hold was £19.95 now £14.95
Ideal for gathering flowers that are out of reach, deadheading hanging baskets, light pruning (especially of prickly plants like roses or brambles!) and collecting fruit without dropping and bruising it, this clever gadget is invaluable for elderly or disabled gardeners as well as the able-bodied. It is strong but lightweight, ideal for cutting single-handed with the left or right hand, and has a swivel head that rotates through 360