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Price reductions at Dobies

by Sarah - May 15th, 2011.
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Dobies reduced the price on this item today

Essential Vegetable Starter Pack

Essential Vegetable Starter Pack was £44.98 now £15.00
The Best Vegetable Growing Kit EVER – plus FREE plants and seeds!All you need to be able to cook fresh and tasty vegetables all summer. Perfect for anyone with a few m² and a small selection of containers.119 veg plants + 3 packs of easy-to-grow seeds + 60 FREE essential summer flowers – 1 kit delivered in 1 box, at just the right time for planting. Contains:10 potato tubers, approximately 45 onion sets, 18 beetroot plants, 18 mixed lettuce plants, 18 perpetual spinach plants, 3 tomato plants, 2 courgette plants, 2 sweet red pepper plants, 2 chilli pepper plants and 1 cucumber plant.Plus our easiest to grow seeds: 1 packet of Runner Bean Moonlight – a new self-fertile variety to ensure you get a bumper crop! Packets of easy-to-grow Primed Carrot and Parsnip seeds – the priming process bring the seeds to the very point of germination, so that as soon as they’re sown they’ll burst into growth with increased vigour!PLUS: 60 Flower Plants – fill your beds, borders and containers with a riot of colour this summer. Contains 3 of our most popular varieties:20 Geranium, 20 Begonia & 20 Petunia.Varieties will be individually labelled. Full growing instructions included.