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Want to keep chickens?

by Sarah - May 16th, 2011.
Filed under: Walton Garden Buildings.

You’ll need a chicken house!
They have two available right now at Waltons

Chicken Ark

Chicken Ark £149.99
The unique triangular ark design of this chicken coop is ideal for a variety of garden environments and provides your chickens with a spacious, versatile and practical home. The sturdy, hardwearing construction makes this cosy chicken coop a reliable build, which incorporates its own little run complete with galvanised netting. Galvanised netting included in the package protects the chicken coop and is extremely durable to use. An opening roof provides maximum ventilation for the chicken coop and an inside egg house makes it easy to gather the eggs without disturbing your chickens. A sturdy wooden ramp utilised within the chicken coop is an easy and safe way for your chickens to explore the coop, especially handy when housing older chickens. The overall weather proofed construction enables the chicken coop to be easily placed outside without worry of it being ruined or your chickens being harmed.The ark design of the chicken coop applies a modern touch to any garden and boasts a more exciting appearance than that of a standard chicken coop. For a cost efficient price, this high quality chicken coop delivers a spacious, secure habitat which accommodates up to 7 hens.

Walton's Chicken Coop 5

Walton’s Chicken Coop 5 £179.99
Constructed with natural fir timber, this chicken coop is built to high quality standards, ensuring a sturdy, secure environment for your chickens to nestle. The quality timber proves ideal for outdoor use, where your chickens are granted plenty of ventilation through the opening door, window and incorporated run. A sturdy wooden ramp allows the chickens to safely descend in and out of the chicken coop into the run with ease, especially handy for older chickens. Galvanised netting is utilised into the chicken coop to protect the hens further, and is a durable and efficient way of maintaining the quality of the chicken coop.Asphalt roofing used for this exceptional chicken coop determines its ease for outdoor use. The high quality, cost effective asphalt weather proofs the chicken coop and is deemed easy to maintain; a superb feature. The spacious design of the chicken coop is perfect for your hens to settle in a comfortable habitat, and the unique design of the coop is an alternative and modern addition to your garden. Handily, an egg house and drawer is integrated into the chicken coop which makes collecting the eggs after the chickens have laid them comfortable and easy.This eye catching, efficient and practical chicken coop allows hens to nestle with ease in a comfortable and secure compound.