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New products at MowDirect

by Sarah - May 21st, 2011.
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New items today at MowDirect

Weibang WB486HBAL Alloy-Deck Rotary Lawn Mower (Push)

Weibang WB486HBAL Alloy-Deck Rotary Lawn Mower (Push) £529.00
Combining power, practicality, fantastic performance and superior build quality, the Chinese-built Weibang WB486HBAL represents truly exceptional value-for-money. It employs an ultra-dependable 190cc Briggs & Stratton 675-Series engine; a four-stroke unit that you’ll find clean, quiet in operation and cheap to run; and it’s built around a premium-quality alloy chassis that won’t corrode and provides the strength required for a lengthy service-life. This model has a seven-level height-of-cut (20 – 75mm), so you can make performance-boosting adjustments to the blade-position where necessary. It has a 48cm cutting-width, so you’ll be able to cover a medium- to large-sized lawn (400 – 1000m2) in few passes; and it comes equipped with a very large capacity 65-litre grassbox, which makes it possible to finish the job with fewer breaks. The handlebar can be collapsed to maximise available space in your storage area.

Weibang WB436HBAL Alloy-Deck Rotary Lawn Mower (Push)

Weibang WB436HBAL Alloy-Deck Rotary Lawn Mower (Push) £449.00
Chinese-built lawn mowers from Weibang are becoming more and more popular in the UK, and with machines like this one in the range, it’s easy to see why. Its lightweight aluminium chassis is strong and rust-resistant, and has been aerodynamically optimised for exceptional mulching and bagging performance; while its high-powered 190cc Briggs & Stratton 675-Series offers all the advantages you’d expect from a four-stroke unit, including smoother power delivery, lower fuel costs and fewer harmful emissions. The Weibang WB436HBAL is a hand-propelled machine, so you’ll be able to guide it safely and accurately around trees and other garden obstacles. It has eight preset heights-of-cut, adjustable between 25 and 70mm to suit conditions; and the wheels are mounted on Weibang’s patented double-bolted bearing bracket, so they’ll continue to roll smoothly with age. A foldaway handlebar helps to save space in your storage area and makes transport easier. This model has a 43cm cutting-width; ideal for small to medium-sized lawns (around 400m2).

Al-Ko MH4000-LM Petrol Cultivator

Al-Ko MH4000-LM Petrol Cultivator £359.00
With the Al-Ko MH4000-LM at your disposal, you’ll be able to save on hours of back-breaking work with a garden-fork or spade. Its dependable and smooth-running 140cc OHV engine drives a set of four 30cm-diameter blades that will break with ease through clay-heavy or compacted soils; while its heavy-duty oil-bathed gearing provides optimum torque-transfer and ensures the tiller will keep on performing season after season. Other features on this powerful and robustly-constructed machine include plant-protection discs, which prevent damage to existing crops during secondary tillage; and a three-stage adjustable drag-stake, which allows for the precise adjustment of the working-depth.

Mitox 281MT Multi-Tool

Mitox 281MT Multi-Tool £349.00
The Mitox 281MT is new and improved version of the Mitox 271MT Multi-Tool. It’s driven by a powerful 25.4cc engine and comes with four attachments: grass-trimmer; brushcutter; pole pruner; long-reach hedgetrimmer. This versatile, value-for-money multi-tool also features a unique anti-vibration handle that greatly improves user comfort (the 70cm Quick-Fit extension shaft also features a vibration reducing soft grip).

Al-Ko MH-350-LM Petrol Cultivator

Al-Ko MH-350-LM Petrol Cultivator £299.00
Compact and easy to handle, this limited-edition cultivator from Al-Ko is ideal for soil-preparation and aeration of smaller areas like borders and kitchen gardens. It’s driven by a high-performance (2.3kW) four-stroke engine, power from which is sent to the four tiller blades via a heavy-duty oil-bathed worm-gear type transmission. An adjustable drag-stake allows you to select the perfect working-depth for the application; while a height-adjustable handlebar with padded grips ensures you’ll be able to complete the job in comfort. The Al-Ko MH-350-LM has a 35cm tilling-width.

Weibang WB454HB Steel-Deck Rotary Lawn Mower (Push)

Weibang WB454HB Steel-Deck Rotary Lawn Mower (Push) £299.00
Increasingly popular in the UK, Chinese manufacturers Weibang offer products equivalent in quality to high-end Japanese machines, but at up to 50-percent of the cost. Ideal for areas of around 400m2, the Weibang WB454HB is driven by a powerful and exceptionally reliable 158cc Briggs & Stratton four-stroke engine, which is clean-running and economical; and it’s mulch-capable, so you’ll be able to work without the collector where conditions suit (the mulch-kit is optional) . Large wheels mounted on double ball-bearings make the mower easy to push along; while a robust steel chassis with a protective powder-coating works to ensure a lengthy working-life. Other quality features include a six-step cutting-height, which can be set as low as 15mm for a really close-cut finish; and a quick-fold handlebar, which makes the mower more compact for transport and storage.

Al-Ko HT440 Basic Cut Electric Hedgetrimmer (44cm Blade)

Al-Ko HT440 Basic Cut Electric Hedgetrimmer (44cm Blade) £79.95
This award-winning 440w electric hedgetrimmer from Al-Ko has a 44cm blade and a 16mm tooth-spacing; a combination that makes it ideal for trimming fresh growth from smaller hedges. It’s incredibly lightweight (just 3.2kg), so you’ll be able to finish the job without tiring; and it’s safe to work with, thanks to a guard which stops the end of the blades contacting hard surfaces. The Al-Ko HT440 also features Al-Ko’s Diamond Cut blades for a clean, precise cut and a longer blade-life.