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New products at Thompson and Morgan

by John - May 21st, 2011.
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Thompson & Morgan just added hundreds of new lines

Naturalising Bulbs Collection - 165 bulbs - 1 pack of each variety

Naturalising Bulbs Collection – 165 bulbs – 1 pack of each variety £39.99
These easy to grow bulbs will give a stunning show of flowers from late winter to spring and are perfect for naturalising in your garden. The collection includes:Crocus Mixed – 50 bulbs – For a sparkling spring show crocus are hard to beatWinter Aconite – 24 bulbs – Seeing these deep yellow, buttercup-like flowers is a sure sign that spring is on its wayBluebells – 25 bulbs – Their rich, violet-blue nodding bells ring through the spring season until summer approachesSingle and Double Flowered Snowdrops – 25 bulbs of each – Easy to grow and they’ll multiply each year, covering your garden with a carpet of white each springDaffodil ‘Golden Bells’ – 16 bulbs – Commonly known as the ‘Yellow Hoop Petticoat’. Up to 20 stems per bulb!

Lily 'Red Carpet' - 32 bulbs

Lily ‘Red Carpet’ – 32 bulbs £24.99
Discover the wonderful new autumnal shades in our popular carpet lilies range. Plant in July for spectacular autumn displays. Edge your paths, fill in gaps under trees and shrubs; you’ll find growing these lilies is easy and their maintenance is even easier as they spread and multiply each year.

Alliums 'Big Impact' Mixed - 60 bulbs

Alliums ‘Big Impact’ Mixed – 60 bulbs £17.99
Gardening made easy. Add imposing height to your borders with these superb summer-flowering bulbs. Undemanding and easy to grow, this favourite alium selection will give you a wonderful mix of flower shapes, sizes and colours. Don’t forget that their attractive and architechtural seed heads will also add autumnal interest later in the season.

Tulip ‘Colour Carnival’ Mixed - 60 bulbs

Tulip ‘Colour Carnival’ Mixed – 60 bulbs £17.99
Create a rainbow with tulips! With colours as festive as a carnival, this bright mixture is perfect for the spring garden. Striking colour patterns include white shot with red and yellow shot with red which contrast beautifully with the single colour blooms of lilac, white and deep red. These boldly hued beauties are perfect for beds, borders and bouquets.

Amaryllis 'Belladonna' - 6 bulbs

Amaryllis ‘Belladonna’ – 6 bulbs £16.99
Hardy amaryllis? Yes, really! Simply stunning, vibrant pink flowers look fabulous amongst autumn leaves. Plant these fragrant and majestic beauties in pots by the front door and impress your visitors. Robust, hardy and easy to grow.

Narcissus ‘Pretty in Pink’ Collection - 30 bulbs

Narcissus ‘Pretty in Pink’ Collection – 30 bulbs £16.99
Rare and in demand. Enjoy stunning pink daffodils in your spring borders and watch them multiply as the years go by. You can count on this wonderful mix of many never-beforeseen narcissus varieties flowering reliably in many shades of pink. Place your order now – we expect demand to be high for these border beauties.

Primrose 'Stonewash' - 42 plugs

Primrose ‘Stonewash’ – 42 plugs £15.99
Get this season’s look with this on-trend primrose. Blooms look tie-dyed with remarkable violet-blue tones which adds contrasting spring colour to pots and window boxes. Mix them up with other spring flowers for a spectacular display.

Hydrangea arborescens 'Incrediball' - 2 plants in 9cm pots

Hydrangea arborescens ‘Incrediball’ – 2 plants in 9cm pots £15.98
You’ll be amazed at the size of these beautiful blooms! Petite and bushy, this vigorous new hardy hydrangea delivers massive 12” flower heads that emerge lime green, change to pure snowy white in the summer and then fade to pale green as they mature. Long-flowering blooms are held upright on sturdy, thick stems that prevent flopping even in inclement weather.

Iris 'Katherine Hodgkin' - 45 bulbs

Iris ‘Katherine Hodgkin’ – 45 bulbs £14.99
The best of the best. Iris are always the most spectacular of flowers, but this variety is the most beautiful there is. An RHS Garden Merit award winner, plant in rockeries, small pots, under trees and shrubs or try growing it amongst black grass (ophiopogon).