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Grow your own Raspberries – plants from Jersey Plants Direct

by Sarah - May 31st, 2011.
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Jersey Plants Direct has a good range of soft fruit available to buy so that you can grow your own.

Soil preparation – as with so many plants it’s important to start raspberries
off well. They stay in the same place for many years so make your life easier
by preparing the soil well. Remove all weeds and dig in plenty of manure or compost
a few weeks before you are ready to plant.

They need support so you can either grow them in rows using post and wires,
or a single post which you tie them in to. If you have plenty of room grow them
in rows. You need plenty of room between rows you can get in to pick.

Plant as deep as they were in their growing pot. Firm well and prune above
a bud. Water well.

You need to prune canes which fruit in summer during the autumn. You do this
by cutting them right back to the ground.
Save the 8 strongest canes and get rid of the rest.
You need to prune the autumn fruiting varieties in mid-winter. Again cut the
old canes back to ground level.

They need plenty of feed and water. Add a fertiliser in spring and mulch well
with manure again. Keep them well watered especially in dry weather.

You will need to pick them regular. If you do not have enough to use in one
go, then pick and freeze in small amounts. They can be used for jam or eaten
fresh. Pick them carefully not pulling the plant too much – you should be able
to leave the plug on the plant.

Raspberries Rubus Apricot (Yellow) 3 Plants

Raspberries Rubus Apricot (Yellow) 3 Plants £12.99
An attractive raspberry with superb quality fruit
Prefers well drained soil

Imagine the delight of picking your own raspberries, fresh from your garden.
These raspberries have an attractive colour with superb quality fruit being produced.

Raspberries Rubus Bristol (Black) 3 Plants

Raspberries Rubus Bristol (Black) 3 Plants £12.99
Hardy, great cropper with delicious fruit
Prefers well drained soil
This plant is very hardy, is a great cropper and has good resistance to powdery mildew. It will produce superb quality fruit.

Raspberries Rubus Heritage (Red) 3 Plants

Raspberries Rubus Heritage (Red) 3 Plants £12.99
An abundance of great flavoured raspberries

Prefers well drained soil
This raspberry plant produces an abundance of great flavoured fruit. Good all round disease resistance. Ideal for cooking.

Raspberries 5 Plants

Raspberries 5 Plants £11.99
Home-grown fresh and tasty raspberries

Prefers well drained soil