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Shredding makes things compost quicker

by Sarah - June 2nd, 2011.
Filed under: Suttons Seeds.

If you shred your hedge cuttings before putting them on the compost heap then they will rot down quicker.
Shreddings also take up less room. You can use shreddings on some beds and borders directly.

Suttons Seeds have this shredder that’s well worth looking at !

AL-KO Silent Power 5000 Electric Gear Shredder

AL-KO Silent Power 5000 Electric Gear Shredder £379.95
Shredding is a simple and environmentally friendly way to dispose of garden rubbish, and create a super organic mulch for beds and borders. The AL-KO Silent Power SP5000 shredder has a kickback-free feeder mechanism and a hardened steel gear that “pulls” the material through, crushing it silently and safely (because the material is crushed the rate of decomposition is accelerated, leading to quicker composting!). Features:• Reverse feed function to remove jammed material and ensure blockage-free operation.• Anti-friction rolling system which significantly reduces noise levels.• Long-lasting steel cutting gear blade that will slice through branches up to 40mm (1½”) in diameter.• A unique and extra sturdy undercarriage with larger wheels for enhanced stability and easy transport all around the garden.• 3 pin moulded plug & 6m (20′) cable. Weight 25kg.. . . . . .