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New products at Dobies

by Sarah - June 17th, 2011.
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New products at Dobies

Radish Mantanghong F1 Seeds Average Seeds 60

Radish Mantanghong F1 Seeds Average Seeds 60 £1.60
A British bred ‘Beauty Heart’ variety of Chinese radish with sweet red flesh of slightly nutty taste. Sliced roots are delicious and make an attractive addition to mixed salads or stir-fries. Sow until September. The fast-maturing plants are a must for late summer salads.

Shallot Griselle 400g Pack

Shallot Griselle 400g Pack £5.75
A robust spicy taste that will not disappoint! Best planted in the autumn, it multiplies well to give a good crop of long grey-skinned bulbs in June, a week or so before spring planted kinds. Use straight from the garden or dried. Strong skins and solid flesh ensure bulbs keep in good condition well into winter. Choose a well-drained sunny position where the soil is reasonably good. Plant by setting the shallot bulbs 15cm (6″) apart in rows 30cm (12″)apart from mid September to early November so that only the tips of the small bulbs show above the soil surface. 400g of shallots (approximately 15-20 bulbs – size varies) will plant a row of about 3m (10′). Full growing instructions included.

Garlic Illico (hardneck type) 2 Bulbs

Garlic Illico (hardneck type) 2 Bulbs £3.95
A superb, very early-maturing hardneck garlic, producing a good crop of tasty bulbs that are mainly white with some pale purple colouring. 2 bulbs (9-10 cloves per bulb).Virus-free French variety – These bulbs come from certified virus-free stock, ensuring that they’ll grow into healthier plants and produce larger harvests! Has the added bonus that they’re particularly suitable for harvesting in May as ‘green garlic’ – a delicious, sweet, mildly garlic-flavoured vegetable that is popular in the restaurant trade.’Hardneck’ garlic variety – Our ‘hardneck’ (Rocambole) varieties are closest to wild garlic and naturally form a seed stalk or scape which curls into a characteristic loop. They are very hardy, so will thrive throughout the UK, and are ideal for more northern areas. They have a particularly fine flavour. The sections or cloves of each bulb should be separated and planted just below the soil surface early October-late December. Space rows 15-20cm (6-8″) apart and allow 10cm (4″) between cloves. Lift and dry the plants, as with onions, once the foliage turns yellow in July. Full growing instructions included. An essential kitchen ingredient! Garlic has become an essential part of many kitchen gardens as our food tastes have changed and its health benefits have become more widely known (it lowers blood pressure, fat and cholesterol levels and combats bacterial, fungal and viral infections). It’s easy to grow, needing much the same care as onions and shallots and given just an average summer, a good crop can be achieved in most of the country.’Green Garlic’ in May – Why not pull a few plants in May (before the cloves have begun to mature) and experience delicious ‘green garlic’? Use as you would spring onions, to add a delicate garlicky flavour to dishes.

Grape Vine Rose Dream 1 Plant

Grape Vine Rose Dream 1 Plant £19.95
A delicious-tasting, large rose-coloured grape with a pleasant crisp bite. The colour and taste make this one of the most popular varieties with children – of all ages! Pick from mid August. Supplied as a grafted vine in a 3 litre pot.Many still think of vine-growing as something best left to our friends on the continent. That’s just not so – choose a sunny, sheltered spot and our ‘Dream’ varieties will provide you with a bountiful crop of delicious, virtually seedless grapes! These superb varieties boast excellent disease resistance and are early ripening (perfect for the British climate), so much so that they will succeed not only against a wall, but even on a free-standing support.Part of our limited special offer: Buy 2 fruit trees and get Apple Redlove free! Full growing instructions included.

Broad Bean Luz De Otono Seeds Average Seeds 35

Broad Bean Luz De Otono Seeds Average Seeds 35 £2.25
A superb broad bean for autumn sowing. It can even be sown in late summer for a delicious November crop in milder areas! For early crops sow late October-November or in January, in a warm sheltered position. Valuable source of vitamins A, C & E, protein and fibre.

Raspberry Twotimer Sugana Pack of 2 Plants (canes)

Raspberry Twotimer Sugana Pack of 2 Plants (canes) £18.95
This versatile raspberry earns its name from the two crops it will give you in the same year! Like other autumn raspberries, it will crop on the new season’s growth August-October, but you should leave these stems to re-crop the following June, whilst training the new stems in for the following autumn’s crop. The delicious raspberries are larger than any other autumn fruiting raspberry. Plus, with a strong, upright habit they are ideal for growing in containers on the patio. And plants show good disease resistance too! Supplied in 12cm pots with full instructions. BUY 4, GET 2 FREE! Full growing instructions included.

Asparagus Gijnlim 1 Plant

Asparagus Gijnlim 1 Plant £11.95
This outstanding asparagus has been a consistent top performer in recent trials, out-yielding others by up to 25%. It’s early too, giving the first succulent tasty spears in mid to late April and continuing to crop heavily until mid June. It is an ‘all male’ hybrid, forming no seeds which means all its energies go into spear production and troublesome seedlings in the bed are avoided.BUY ANY TWO ASPARAGUS PLANTS, GET A THIRD FREE! (Just enter a zero price for every third plant you order.)We offer healthy plants in 3 litre pots, which are quick to establish, enabling you to have your first delicious harvest next spring, followed by annual spring pickings for many years to come. Now supplied as potted plants for immediate delivery! – Delivery within 28 days. Full growing instructions included. HEALTH BENEFITS: Vitamins C & E. CULINARY HINT: Best eaten soon after harvest for fresh taste and maximum nutrient value.

Strawberry Sonata

Strawberry Sonata £13.95
A recent strawberry to come out of the breeding work done by Plant Research International, and one generating considerble interest amongst growers.

Corn Salad Gala Seed Average Seeds 330

Corn Salad Gala Seed Average Seeds 330 £1.45
A superb lettuce-like autumn/winter salad crop which can be picked as baby leaves or allowed to mature. Sow until September. Harvest the tasty leaves through to February.