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New products at PondKeeper

by John - June 28th, 2011.
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New products today at PondKeeper

Laguna Powerfalls Filter Spillway

Laguna Powerfalls Filter Spillway £49.99
Ok, so your planning your pond, and this means you will no doubt be including a pond pump. As you know the pump sits under the water – the pumped water renters the pond, but how?:
– by exposed hose?
– via a waterfall?
This clever unit from laguna can be buried into the ground or built into the landscape and provides a perfect flat, contemporary look for the water return. it comes supplied complete with filter media meaning and can be used as extra filtration if required.

Laguna Clear Fast 240ml

Laguna Clear Fast 240ml £3.99
Effective product that clumps tiny particles together so they sink to the bottom of the pond. The result is gin clear water.
Larger particles will then be cleaned by the pond filter or a microbiactive sludge treatment can eat them up.