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Mushrooms! 3 kits for a tenner

by Sarah - July 7th, 2011.
Filed under: Suttons Seeds.

This offer is AMAZING! A lucky dip selection of mushroom growing kits for only £10, that’s a massive £19.97 saving! Offer valid until 12 noon Friday 10th July
Order your mushroom growing kits now – 3 for £10
You’ll get 3 kits randomly from:-

White Button
Traditional, versatile, tasty white button mushrooms

Grey Oyster
Tender, velvet-textured flesh with a mild, delicate flavour

Yellow Oyster
An attractive yellow variety of the popular oyster mushroom

Similar to white button mushrooms but tan-coloured and slightly stronger

All of them are delicious and can be cooked in all sorts of ways! You’ll love growing your own mushrooms!