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New products at John Lewis

by John - July 9th, 2011.
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New lines today at John Lewis

Moshi Monsters Blister Pack

Moshi Monsters Blister Pack £4.95
Collect your favourite Moshling characters in this fun blister pack. The pack includes 5 different Moshlings, one of which is secret and hidden in a special compartment. Will this be a rare Moshling? Approximate size of a Moshling: H3.5cm

Sylvanian Families Cycling with Mother

Sylvanian Families Cycling with Mother £6.65
Another special scene to collect from the Sylvanian families range. It shows the mother on a bike, having gone out grocery shopping, with her baby in the pram

Strahl Picnicware

Strahl Picnicware £5.00
Made in New Zealand, this clear polycarbonate picnicware is unbreakable and microwave and dishwasher safe – so it’s not only ideal for al fresco eating year in year out, but also for parties where things might get a little lively!

Iwako Gummy Erasers

Iwako Gummy Erasers £1.00
These handmade erasers from Japanese brand Iwako are collectible erasers, available in a variety of styles and themes. Each eraser is made of several detachable parts which can be interchanged and swapped for simuliar pieces. Non Toxic and 100% eco friendly. Please note the colour and style of eraser may vary. Unfortunately it’s not possible to request a specific style, so please let us choose one on your behalf

Fisher-Price Little People Racing Ramps Garage

Fisher-Price Little People Racing Ramps Garage £19.95
“You be the mechanic and I’ll be the driver!” This super garage is great for young car lovers. They’ll love racing up and down ramps and going through the car wash, plus stopping by the news stand There’s always a mechanic at hand near the tool chest to fix any technical problems too. And there’s no excuse for running out of petrol, with the handy on-site pump. If you get exhausted pressing all the buttons to hear garage noises, Shammy the Sheepdog is nearby. With his textured head, he loves to be petted!

TP Toys Forest Climber Range

TP Toys Forest Climber Range £22.00
The Forest Climber is a compact but challenging modular wooden climbing frame enhanced by galvanised steel. Supplied complete with 2 platforms and a den, you can choose to add CrazyWavy slide for fast exits! Because the den has two doors, the slide has two possible attachment points to the Climber frame, allowing you to vary the shape of the frame to suit your garden’s configuration and size

Lego Mini Figures, Series 4

Lego Mini Figures, Series 4 £1.95
Series 4 of the Lego Mini Figures welcomes an additional 16 brand new, special mini figures to the growing Lego mini figure collection. Each mini figure comes in a sealed mystery bag, so you never know which figure you might get. And each character has its own special accessories, display plate and collector’s leaflet. The Lego mini figures are inspired by movies, sports, history, and everyday life. This collection includes: The Monster, Surfer Girl, Sailor, Kimono Girl, Punk Rocker, Viking, Ice Skater, Hockey Player, Street Skater, Hazmat Guy, Musketeer, Werewolf, Artist, Crazy Scientist, Soccer Player, and Lawn Gnome

John Lewis Hard Cold Box, 60L

John Lewis Hard Cold Box, 60L £47.50
John Lewis insulated cool box, with handy carry handle and wheels, making it perfect for taking down to the park for lazy picnics in the sun

Flying Glider

Flying Glider £0.75
This flying glider is a simple toy which will provide plenty of entertainment