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Ultimate Duck Tape reviewed

by Sarah - July 9th, 2011.
Filed under: New Products.

ultimate duck tape

Ultimate Duck Tape comes in rolls that are 25M long and 50mm wide. This makes
it a fairly substantial roll of tape that will last for a long time!
It’s 100% waterproof which makes it useful in the garden and gives it more
uses and it’s so easy to tear. You don’t need to carry a knife or
scissors when you’re using it. Just decide where you want to tear and do
it! It has a special design which makes it tear neatly and cleanly. This is one
of its biggest advantages – that you can make repairs easily without additional
tools. It will be good in an emergency too when you want to make a fast quick
repair. Ultimate duck tape should be in every toolbox!
The three layers are the glue, a fabric layer and a waterproof layer. The grid
pattern in the fabric is what makes it easy to tear so you can tear it off the
roll easily and then split the piece you’ve taken off for smaller patches.

The tape is thin and flexible enough to twist round firmly so you can use it
as sticky string almost! This flexibility will make it more useful than some
other tapes which are harder to twist round into tighter shapes.

What can you use it for? Anything almost – it sticks to virtually everything.
You can use it to fix polytunnels that have ripped, wrap it round leaky hosepipes
to fix leaks and use it for fixing canes together. You can use it to tie a tree
to a stake – you should probably double over the tape that is going on
the tree so that it doesn’t stick but it’s so soft that this won’t
damage the sapling at all.
If your garden fork handle is a bit rough then wrap some tape round and it’ll
be soft and comfortable again. It’s not intended as a permanent long term
repair but for quick fixes until you can buy the right parts it will certainly
hold things together! You could use it for holding things together whilst glue
sets too!

Being able to fold it over and stick it on itself means it can be used for
actually creating things too – you might have seen a duck tape wallet.
This soft but strong tape is really useful and most gardeners will find that
they can use it for many jobs around the garden.
You can fold it over so it’s stick side out and use it for taking fluff
off your clothes too – who needs a lint roller?

For gardener’s it’ll be a useful addition to the garden shed and
you’ll find it useful for so many things inside the shed and out in the
garden. You could use it to mark depths on a dibber for getting the right depth
for planting, or you could measure the handle of your hoe into 18cm lengths
marking them by wrapping a piece of duck tape round and then use this to gauge
planting distances.

You could duck tape wrap a plastic bag filled with folded newspapers to make
yourself a kneeler pad for weeding. You could use it to fix down seat cushions
on to garden furniture so they don’t blow away. You could use it to hold
back branches or support branches on a tree whilst it has fruit on. The doubling
over trick is handy to remember for making a supportive sling that won’t
You can use it to hold a tissue or cloth onto a cut. Don’t apply direct
to your skin though in this case!

I’ve seen one example of where it was used to hold up a partially snapped
stem of a pepper plant! You could try it around plant pots sticky side out and
see if it deters the snails! Could be worth a try! I will be reporting back!

If you have delicate ferns that need wrapping up in winter you could use duck
tape to hold the bubble wrap on them! Also it’d be useful for if you want
to fit insulation in the green house – rip small squares to fix the sheeting
to the frame. You could use it to fix bubble wrap around plant pots too in winter.

You could use it to fix round your compost bin if it’s bursting at the
seams – but I think you’d be best emptying it and refilling it if
it’s full!

This product should be a kitchen drawer essential for every home and every
tool box should have some. It is versatile and will help you out in many DIY
repair situations.