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Enjoy your garden and make it safe for the kids

by Sarah - July 12th, 2011.
Filed under: Walton Garden Buildings.

It can be a great idea to fence off an area of the garden so that the kids can play safely in it or you can let the dog out without him running all over your vegetable patch or flowers! A simple picket fence is pretty and will keep the kids and pets where you want them!

3ft Picket Rounded Top Garden Fencing
3ft Picket Rounded Top Garden Fencing

The Picket Rounded Top 3’ garden fence is great for front gardens particularly.
It allows your home to maintain its initial welcoming appeal but also acts as
a safety barrier to contain small children and dogs. Built from vertical, rounded
top Timber panels laid on slender planks of wood, the Picket is strong enough
to stay upright and secure in your garden for years to come. The decorative rounded
top adds a delicate touch.
RRP from £94.99
Price from £74.81

Honeypot Poppy Tower Playhouses With FREE Treatment
Honeypot Poppy Tower Playhouses With FREETreatment
This is SO cute! The kids will love it so much they will spend all summer out in it!
The Tower Playhouses- 7′ x 5′ are beautifully designed playhouses arranged on
a split dual level for extra interest. The exciting design enables children to
play safely and comfortably for hours on end. Many safety features can ensure
your children’s wellbeing. The balcony/ veranda area is guarded by a railing to
prevent falling out and the practical ladder has sturdy rungs for stability. We
have left a 12mm gap around the door framing to prevent trapped fingers and there
are no sharp edges to cut themselves on.
RRP from £389.99
Price from £324.95