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New products at Suttons Seeds

by Sarah - July 13th, 2011.
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New lines today at Suttons Seeds

Peony Itoh Collection

Peony Itoh Collection £99.97
SAVE £5.00 on this Collection of 3 plants (1 of each variety):Scarlet Heaven – An exceptional variety producing lots of deliciously scented, deep burgundy-red blooms with yellow centres. It requires no staking, and the handsome foliage stays until the frosts.Cora Louise – Large, white, semi-double, pleastantly fragrant blooms with deep lavender-purple flares. Strong stems hold the blooms above the dark green foliage.Bartzella – An abundance of large, well-formed, semi-double to double, yellow blooms with small red flares, that positively glow in the afternoon sun! It has a delicious lemony fragrance, and the blooms are held well above the lush green foliage.Itoh variety.Flowers June-July. Height 60cm.These are the most well-known peonies, poking through the ground each March, their leaves quickly unfurling, and their fat buds bursting in to bloom in late spring and early summer. Ideal for cutting.These incredible new intersectional varieties are the result of crosses between tree and herbaceous types, and have inherited the best qualities of both. They have the attractive dissected foliage of the tree peony but die back in autumn, and are more compact and bushy than traditional herbaceous types. They’re very hardy and boast huge flowers up to 25cm in diameter (perhaps 30 to 50 on a mature plant), supported on strong stems that hold the flowers upright even after heavy rain and make them ideal for cutting. The first successful crosses were made by Toichi Itoh in 1948, and they’re a must for peony connoisseurs! Culture: Full growing instructions included. Average Growing Height: 51-60CM. Pack of 3 Bare Root Plants (1 of each variety) – SAVE £5.00!. . . . .

Peony Tree Collection

Peony Tree Collection £42.85
SAVE £5.00! on this Collection of 3 plants (1 of each variety):High Noon – A marvellous variety producing spectacular clusters of large, fragrant, clear yellow flowers with an attractive red flare at the base of the petals. The green leaves take on brilliant bronze hues in autumn. Height 90cm.Shimanishiki – Enormous, ruffled, satin-like flowers in a breathtaking combination of red and white. This variety is a connoisseur’s delight! Height 70cm.Kinkaku – A rare Japanese variety producing clusters of large, double, light apricot-coloured flowers with picotee edged petals and a delicious lemon scent that is out of this world! Height 90cm. Flowers May-June (and mature plants may re-bloom in August). Tree variety.The tree peony, Paeonia suffruticosa, was originally developed by the Chinese over a thousand years ago, and then further developed by the Japanese. The first specimens were introduced into Britian in the 18th century, and more were collected between 1843 and 1862 by the Victorian botanist Robert Fortune. Unlike their herbaceous cousins, they do not die down each autumn, but instead grow into large shrubs, and they boast beautifully dissected foliage and flowers that are so large and layered that they almost don’t seem quite real. Paeonia plants are a traditional mainstay of the English cottage garden border, their voluptuous blooms evocative of another era. They’re hardy, very easy to grow, relatively drought-tolerant and will put on an annual performance for decades to come. Ideal for cutting, they come in an awe-inspiring range of shapes and colours. Culture: Full growing instructions included.. Pack of 3 Bare Root Plants (1 of each variety) – SAVE £5.00!. . . . .

Poppy Super Collection

Poppy Super Collection £25.95
SAVE £6.90 on this Collection containing 9 plants (3 of each variety):Shasta – Magnificent, crimped, lime-white, tissue-paper-like petals with a delicate frosted pink edging. Height 75cm.Snow Goose – Ivory white blooms with an inky black centre. Height 85cm.Medallion – Impressively large mauve-plum coloured flowers. Prefers a little dappled shade. Height 85cm.Not only do these new interspecific hybrid ‘Super Poppies’ have thicker, more weather-tolerant petals than your average oriental poppy, they are also longer-flowering. Plants normally come into bloom in June and a flower can last up to 18 days, so that a clump can be in flower for 4-6 weeks! Not only that, but the clumps then revive with fresh leaves, and produce a second flush of flowers from late July to September! They’re easy to grow and will thrive in sun or partial shade. Culture: Full growing instructions included.. Pack of 9 Bare Root Plants (3 of each variety) – SAVE £6.90!. . . . .

Tulipa Dwarf Collection

Tulipa Dwarf Collection £20.95
SAVE £10.55 on this collection of 90 bulbs!These ‘dwarfs’ are ideal for exposed sites where wind damage may be a problem. They are perfect for bedding out or growing in containers on the patio. Collection comprises of 90 bulbs (15 of each variety): Love Song – A spring symphony in the most exquisite shade of glowing mandarin orange, with contrasting bright yellow bases. Flowers March-April. Height 20cm; Pinocchio – Elegant pale red blooms with a cool white strip down the outside. Flowers March-April. Height 20cm; Cape Cod – Sturdy stems, and flowers that are a striking combination of yellow and red, mottled with pink. Flowers March-April. Height 20cm; Stresa – Must be the most exciting way to transform your winter garden. Breathtaking in large numbers. Flowers March-April. Height 25cm; Red Riding Hood – Searing scarlet blooms with lovely mottled rich green leaves. Very striking. Flowers April-May. Height 15cm; Compostella – Stunning deep orange petals that fade to an attractive paler hue at their edges. Flowers March-April. Height 20cm.(Bulb sizes quoted in centimetres refer to the circumference of bulbs. All bulbs are sourced from cultivated stocks.) Size 10/11cm. Culture: Full growing instructions included. Average Growing Height: 11-20CM. Pack of 90 Bulbs (15 of each variety) – SAVE £10.55!. . . . .

Poppy Oriental Collection

Poppy Oriental Collection £14.99
This Collection of oriental poppies contains 3 plants (1 of each variety):Princess of Orange – Magnificent, attention-grabbing, brick-red flowers with black centres, borne on strong stems. Height 75cm.White Ruffles – Strong stems topped with huge pure-white flowers whose ruffled petals are doubled, fringed and twisted, with an almost black saucer-shaped centre. Height 75cm.Ruffled Patty – A brand new sister variety to the incredibly popular ‘Patty’s Plum’, boasting strong stems and ruffled plum flowers with beautifully fringed edges. Height 75cm.These hardy perennial oriental poppies, Papaver orientalis, with their unusual fringed petals, are simply breathtaking! The velvety, bowl-shaped blooms may reach 12.5cm (5″) in diameter, making for a truly dramatic garden showpiece. Specially bred to remain compact and not flop over like traditional varieties, they are ideal for a sunny border and great for cutting. Flower May-July. Culture: Full growing instructions included. Average Growing Height: 71-80CM. Pack of 3 Bare Root Plants (1 of each variety). . . . .

Narcissi King Alfred (100 Bulbs)

Narcissi King Alfred (100 Bulbs) £13.50
This outstanding yellow narcissi is a free flowering garden classic. Its blooms are exceptionally strong and long-lasting. Flowers March-April. Height 40cm. Bulb size 12/14cm. Four pack sizes available. (Bulb sizes quoted in centimetres refer to the circumference of bulbs. All bulbs are sourced from cultivated stocks.). Pack of 100 Bulbs – TOTAL SAVING £8.50!. . . . .

Garlic Lover's Collection

Garlic Lover’s Collection £13.40
Collection contains 8 bulbs (2 of each variety):Illico (hardneck) – A very early-maturing hardneck garlic, producing bulbs that are mainly white with some pale purple colouring. Can be harvested in May as ‘green garlic’ – a delicious, sweet, mildly garlic-flavoured vegetable that is popular in the restaurant trade. 2 bulbs (9-10 cloves per bulb)Jolimont (softneck) – High quality, deliciously flavoured, white-skinned bulbs that store well right through to January. Can be harvested as tasty mildly flavoured ‘green garlic’ in May. 2 bulbs (11 cloves per bulb)Solent Wight (softneck) – A popular selection that is well adapted to the British climate and gives a good crop of large bulbs with plump tasty cloves. Expect to start harvesting in July from a November planting – once the foliage starts to turn yellow and dry. 2 bulbs (12-14 cloves per bulb)Purple Wight (semi-hardneck) – A good garlic that is earlier than Solent Wight being ready to lift from mid-June. Has an attractive purple-striped skin containing strong tasting cloves. Stores well until the end of the year. 2 bulbs (5-8 cloves per bulb) Culture: Full growing instructions included.. Pack of 8 Bulbs (2 of each variety) – SAVE £3.00!. . . . .

Anemone nemorosa Robinsoniana

Anemone nemorosa Robinsoniana £7.45
A beautiful pale sky-blue form. Flowers April-May. Height 10cm. A fast-growing anemone which is ideal for naturalising under deciduous trees and shrubs, each spring producing a carpet of faintly scented flowers, over deeply divided leaves. RHS Award of Garden Merit winner. Culture: Full growing instructions included. Average Growing Height: 1-10CM. Pack of 3 Rhizomes. . . . .

Iris reticulata Natasha

Iris reticulata Natasha £6.95
A lovely and rare ice-blue, nearly white, selection, with an attractive orange mark on the falls. Flowers February-March. Height 10-25cm. Reticulata group:The most familiar of the dwarf, bulbous irises, whose brightly-coloured, deliciously fragrant flowers, set amidst curious pointed leaves, appear in late winter and early spring. They are very hardy and easy to grow, and are ideal for a sunny border or container.Irises are a vast genus of plants, ranging from diminutive rockery varieties, to imposing border specimens. Some are grown from bulbs, others from thickened underground stems known as rhizomes. Nearly all, however, share the same beautiful and easily recognisable flower form – 3 erect inner ‘standard’ petals and 3 hanging outer ‘fall’ petals.SAVE £4.00 WHEN YOU BUY ANY 4 PACKS OF IRIS BULBS AND RHIZOMES! Culture: Full growing instructions included. Average Growing Height: 10-20CM. Pack of 20 Bulbs. . . . .