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Slug Control options

by Sarah - July 20th, 2011.
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Slug Control at amazon uk

What slug control options are there?
You can in theory stop them with copper tape as they don’t like to cross it. Some people swear by broken egg shells, or you could just use Nemaslug Slug Killer! I’ve used it and it is well worth the money. It’s amazing to be able to plant things in your garden and not have slugs or snails eat them! You just water this stuff on and it lasts for weeks. If used at the start of the growing season it’ll get all your plants through the early stages so they’re big and healthy! Even when the slugs do start coming back they should be a lot smaller and there’ll be less of them. A friend has been using it for years and says she has fewer slugs now than ever before between applications. It’s so rewarding to grow things and not have to fight the slugs off with nasty slug pellets!

If you want to do slug control the old fashioned way then amazon have some slug pubs – fill with beer and the slugs come in and drown themselves in beer. Just use the cheapest value beer you can find – they will drink anything but why give them the good stuff.