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Ladybirds on the plot!

by Sarah - July 25th, 2011.
Filed under: Harrod Horticultural.

Our allotment site is covered with ladybirds. It’s hard to do the weeding for more than a minute wihtout seeing lots of them!

This home made ladybird house might be a good place for them to over winter! Will have to make sure that we encourage as many as possible to stay!

You can use short lengths of bamboo cane in an old terracotta pot as a home for them.

You can of course buy ladybird houses for over winter.

Harrod Horticultural has these new items today

Ladybird Log Tower -

Ladybird Log Tower – £10.95
The Ladybird Log Tower will encourage the beneficial ladybirds into your garden – an adult ladybird may eat up to 5000 aphids during its lifetime – attracting ladybirds into the garden is a must for anyone with an aphid problem.Designed to make it easy to create an attractive environment for ladybirds this tower has a central chamber filled with natural material. Chamber holes are drilled at an upward angle leading into the centre. It has a ground pole (NB.attached to the back of the tower when packed) so can be sited in your lawn. flower bed or even a planter.”‘Buyers’ Guide – ‘Home Sweet Home’ Garden Answers August 2008″

Mini Bugs Ladybird Log -

Mini Bugs Ladybird Log – £9.95
The Mini Bugs Ladybird Log will prove popular with the gardener’s oldest ally – and whether you call them ladybugs lady beetles or even the delightful Bisheybarneybee (from Norfolk!) one thing is for certain; they’ll all be extremely thankful for the protection and shelter provided by this solid FSC birch log. Measuring 19cm in height 8cm wide and 8cm deep the hi-rise Ladybird Log Tower has a welcoming hollowed-out centre which can be filled with straw and bedding – or the ear of wheat supplied – to create a cosy winter refuge. The ladybirds and lacewings which move in will recharge their batteries are come out in spring with all guns blazing – aphids beware! You’ll be able to witness these much-loved creatures and how nature works at close hand with the ladybird house and you can also enjoy a steady flow of summer visitors too – a bit like a ladybird bed and breakfast! Your Mini Bugs Ladybird Log comes complete with siting and care instructions and a 16-page ladybird workbook to help you get the most from these garden good guys!

Mini Bugs Bug Box -

Mini Bugs Bug Box – £9.95
The GIMA award-winning Mini Bugs Bug Box is designed for children but we’re convinced they’ll be some bigger kids after this fun educational and stunningly well-made (it’s FSC approved) garden insect home.The Mini Bug Box provides the perfect winter home for winter hibernation home and summer hang out for creaturtes such as lacewqings ladybirds and docile solitary bees and also represents the perfect platform to observe them and learn all about their habits. Supplied complete with instructions on how to set up and where to position the Mini Bugs Bug Box also comes with a 16-page ‘Project Booklet’ which helps identify common garden insects and let you log where you found them. There are and versions also available and all make wonderful presents and as The Mini Bugs Bug Box is simple to prepare bright and colourful and almost guaranteed to house insects we’re sure you’ll get the gardening bug!