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New products at GreenFingers

by John - July 30th, 2011.
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GreenFingers just added these new products

Yeoman Advanced Garden and Pruning Saw

Yeoman Advanced Garden and Pruning Saw £14.99
Yeomans ‘Advanced’ range is a new range of tools with added features and benefits. They are lightweight easy to use and provide an effective end result. This Yeoman Advanced garden saw is a curved pruning saw with hardened tempered large and small teeth. The small teeth are effective for starting the cut and smaller branches while the larger teeth provide fast efficient cutting through larger branches and wet wood. With a soft grip contoured handle and curved blade these effortlessly cut through stems up to 250mm in diameter. Specifications: Curved carbon steel blade Cuts stems up to 250mm diameter

Christmas Lights - 100 Fairy Lights | Indoor Lighting

Christmas Lights – 100 Fairy Lights | Indoor Lighting £9.99
These traditional style fairy lights will immerse your home in a warm festive glow and bring cheer to those long dark winter days. With 100 shadeless clear bulbs stretched out over 7.92m these lights will wrap around even a large tree or table. Alternatively adorn your bannister bed or anywhere in need of a little festive sparkle as these white lights will complement any decor or colour scheme. Specifications: Shadeless filament bulbs- replaceable Mains voltage Loop construction First to last lamp: 792cm Plug to first lamp: 150cm Bulb spacing: 8cm Indoor use only For ideas and inspiration for your Christmas d

Joseph Bentley Stainless Steel Hand Held Bulb Planter

Joseph Bentley Stainless Steel Hand Held Bulb Planter £14.99
This premium quality hand held bulb planter is an essential tool for the avid gardener. It is designed to make your bulb planting tasks tidier more accurate and less time consuming. The solid stainless steel body has tough jagged teeth for simple extraction of earth minimises soil adhesion and is easy to clean. Complete with a measure in both cm and inches etched into the side so you can get those bulbs in at the correct depth. The smooth solid ash wood handle is comfortable to hold and meticulously finished for comfort and durability. Specifications: Stainless Steel Etched 4 inch/ 10cm measure Solid Ash hardwood handle Overall length: 36cm Insertion cone: 60mm diameter- extends into soil up to 15cmConstructed in the traditional style it is rugged robust and perfect for regular use; effortlessly plant rows of bulbs or seed potatoes. This reputable brand build tools to last and continue to invest in the UK industry by producing ranges of tools in Sheffield. The heritage look and traditional feel of their tools is vastly appreciated.

Decorative Lights - 30 Pink Heart Fairy Lights | Indoor Lighting

Decorative Lights – 30 Pink Heart Fairy Lights | Indoor Lighting £16.99
We love these fabulous pink heart decorative lights! These are the perfect room decoration for a little princess and will immerse any space in a warm pink glow. Drape these over a headboard or wrap around a dressing table mirror to great effect. A fantastic Christmas gift idea that can be used all year round. Specifications: 30 replaceable lamps Static lights on clear cable Low voltage First to last lamp: 435cm Plug to first lamp: 300cm Bulb spacing: 15cm For indoor use only For ideas and inspiration for your Christmas d

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