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Price reductions at Thompson and Morgan

by John - August 3rd, 2011.
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Thompson & Morgan has cut the price of this item

Strawberry 'Christine' (Misted Tip) (Early Season) - 6 plants

Strawberry ‘Christine’ (Misted Tip) (Early Season) – 6 plants was £12.99 now £9.99
A mid season variety, Strawberry ‘Christine’ produces large, juicy sweet fruit from disease resistant plants. Cropping periods can also be brought forward or extended if you are growing them in a greenhouse or polytunnel. Height: 20cm (8”). Spread: 30cm (12”).Our ‘misted tip’ plants are cell raised, enabling them to establish quicker than traditional bare root strawberry plants. Increasingly used by the commercial growers, Thompson & Morgan is pleased to bring this strawberry growing development to home gardeners. As a result you will get not only a faster established strawberry crop, but also a more plentiful crop producing up to 100% more fruit in the first year, compared to planting bare root runners.