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New products at John Lewis

by John - August 6th, 2011.
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New products at John Lewis

Playmobil Wild Life Waterhole

Playmobil Wild Life Waterhole £20.00
Wild life waterhole with many animals and baobab with observation platform. The base plates of the items from wild life waterhole can be combined to a large water course. Dimensions: 45 x 34 x 23 cm (LxWxH)

Electronic Pick Out Stix

Electronic Pick Out Stix £4.95
“Grab a colour…but don’t touch the sides!” This exciting family game will test your nerves to the limit. It’s really simple. Roll a big dice marked with three colours. Using a giant spring-loaded pincher, players must pull out a rod of that colour, without touching the edge of the play field hole. If they do…an explosion is heard. It’s loud enough that you’ll want to keep your hands as steady as possible to avoid it!

Rice Boys' Basket

Rice Boys’ Basket £7.50
Beautiful basket for children, with a Farmer woman, house and a mouse on the side. Dimensions: H25 x W28cm

Air Slammers Air Hockey

Air Slammers Air Hockey £6.45
Fast and furious air hockey game for 2 players

Baby Born Super Deluxe Scooter Outfit Set

Baby Born Super Deluxe Scooter Outfit Set £9.95
Baby Born girl and boy look fabulous in their cool scooter outfits with biker jackets, backpacks and helmets. Please note this product is available in blue and pink. Unfortunately it’s not possible to request a specific colour, so please let us choose one on your behalf

Bubble Buster

Bubble Buster £8.00
With the Bubble Buster, there’s no excuse not to burst somebody’s bubble! It’s so simple – grab that electronic bubble-bursting wand and start chasing bubbles. As you swipe them some of them will pop to a satisfying “ping”. Pop 20 bubbles that ping ahead of your playmate, and hear the wand play a victory tune! Includes Bubble Buster machine and 2 wands

Sylvanian Families Applewood Department Store

Sylvanian Families Applewood Department Store £39.95
The Applewood department store is bursting with everything you can think of. It includes a rocking horse, mini piano, clothes, café accessories such as outdoor seating, glasses and ice cream sundaes. With a total of 200 props, there’s plenty of reasons for the Sylvanian residents to visit. The Applewood Cottage (sold separately) will stack on top of the store to give a 4 storey building. Alternatively the Department store can be separated into 2 single storey structure to create a street scene