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New products at Dobies

by Sarah - August 11th, 2011.
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New products today at Dobies

Pear Williams Bon Chretien - Bare Root Tree 1 Tree

Pear Williams Bon Chretien – Bare Root Tree 1 Tree £19.95
Usually just called Williams pear, this is a beautiful old variety – large, sweet, smooth and very juicy, it turns yellow when ripe, and while a superb eating pear, it’s also great for stewing. It is a reliable, heavy-cropping and hardy tree and more spreading than most pears. Full growing instructions included.

Apple Paradis Idylla 1 Tree

Apple Paradis Idylla 1 Tree £21.95
One of the earliest apples available – ready to pick from mid August. The apples are medium to large in size, bright pink with flashes of orange, firm fleshed and juicy, with a sweet taste that becomes more apparent as they mature. It’s a compact variety that is ideal for growing in large containers, against a wall or trellis, as well as in the garden.Lubera have spent nearly twenty years breeding apples with the aim of producing varieties that would be great-tasting, productive and easy to grow in the garden. With the Lubera Paradis range they have achieved their goal! Paradis apples are all delicious tasting, extremely productive (they produce apples in the 2nd year after planting) and very scab resistant, making them easy to grow without having to resort to fungal sprays. Grafted onto M9 rootstock, which produces a semi-dwarf tree.Part of our limited special offer: Buy 2 fruit trees and get Apple Redlove free! Full growing instructions included.

Blueberry Collection 3 Plants (1 of each variety)

Blueberry Collection 3 Plants (1 of each variety) £17.95
ONLY £16.95 – LESS THAN HALF PRICE!Do you love blueberries? How about having your own crop of blueberries on your patio.Blueberries are perfect for patio growing because they are generally best grown in pots of ericaceous compost to give them ideal growing conditions.And these three varieties will give you a crop, year after year, from early July right through to late September. Their spring display of rusty red leaf tips matures into a strong green canopy, while the clusters of creamy-white flowers mature into delicious, juicy, vitamin-packed blueberries. The autumn foliage is stunning, and in winter the red stems are very striking too!Also, please note these are sent to you as quality bushy plants in their own pots. Plant them as soon as you get them into nice deep patio pots and enjoy your first blueberry harvest from next summer.Duke – A highly productive early blueberry, producing large, high quality fruit. Cropping period – July.Bluecrop – An excellent mid-season blueberry producing large sweet fruit from end of July. Forms a medium sized spreading bush. Cropping period – August.Brigitta Blue – A late season blueberry with one of the highest yields available. Also stores for up to one month. Cropping period – September. Full growing and aftercare instructions included. Trim each year to keep at your chosen size of bush. Packed with vitamins and antioxidants, our “superfood” berries are not only good for you, they all taste delicious too! EXTRA OFFER – Strawberry Cambridge Favourite 12 Award-Winning Strawberry Plants – £9.95!

Apple Redlove® Circe 1 Tree

Apple Redlove® Circe 1 Tree £24.95
Dobies are proud to present to you the world’s first fine-tasting and scab-resistant red-fleshed apple, Redlove®. Representing the culmination of one man’s twenty years of hard work, it is, quite simply, a new eating experience and is outstanding in so many ways:• Uniquely coloured – Rosy-red flesh with a beautiful pattern running through it• Deliciously tasty – Crisp and juicy with a tingly summer freshness• Even better for you – Higher in antioxidants than other apples• Disease resistant – Exceptionally high resistance to scab• Attractive in the garden – Unusual, long-lasting, deep pink spring blossom• Versatile in the kitchen – Delicious eaten raw but also ideal for cooking (it retains its red colour)Grown on M9 rootstock, it will produce an easily managed tree up to approximately 2.5m (8′) tall in the garden, smaller if grown in a large container. Though not self-fertile, it’s easily pollinated by other apple trees, even up to 300m away. Supplied as a top quality 1 year old, single stem, bare root plant, with full growing instructions. Buy 2, SAVE £9.90!Part of our limited special offer: Buy 2 fruit trees and get Apple Redlove free! Full growing instructions included.Redlove® is a protected trademark belonging to Lubera AG, Switzerland. All Redlove varieties that we offer are protected and buyers of these plants are allowed to grow these trees for their private use. Buyers are not allowed to use these trees for commercial purposes i.e. to grow for the fruit market or to multiply these trees or to sell fruit of the Redlove varieties under the Redlove trademark nor under another name.

Rhubarb Champagne Pack of 3 Plants

Rhubarb Champagne Pack of 3 Plants £14.95
A much sought after rhubarb that gives a plentiful yield of long, deep pink sticks outdoors from early May. Can also be forced, when it yields tender, sweet young stems from early March (when rhubarb is most expensive to buy). Full growing instructions included. Recommended for freezing.