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New products at Suttons Seeds

by Sarah - August 12th, 2011.
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Suttons Seeds just added these new items

Gooseberry Invicta 3

Gooseberry Invicta 3 £24.85
Lush green gooseberries from June to July, on compact plants which are ideal for small gardens. Delicious flavour – recommended for pies, jams, preserves and freezing. Resistant to mildew. Supplied as 2-year-old plants. RHS ‘Award of Garden Merit’ winner.Available in either a 3 litre pot or as bare root plants.. Pack of 3 Bare Root Plants – SAVE £5.12!. . . . .

Currants Big Ben 3

Currants Big Ben 3 £22.99
This spectacular Scottish-bred blackcurrant has huge fruit – some double the size of other blackcurrants – and is very high yielding too. The fruits are produced early in the season and are sweet and juicy. Good resistance to mildew and leaf spot. Supplied as healthy one-year-old plants.. Pack of 3 Plants – SAVE £6.98!. . . . .

Raspberries Autumn Treasure 10

Raspberries Autumn Treasure 10 £21.99
A first-class primocane raspberry bred at East Malling. The large raspberries, which are an attractive colour and mouth-watering flavour, should be ready to harvest from late August/early September, and the canes are erect, self supporting and spine-free for easy picking.. Pack of 10 Bare Root Plants (canes) – SAVE £5.95!. . . . .

Raspberries Cascade Delight 10

Raspberries Cascade Delight 10 £21.99
An outstanding mid-season raspberry, bred at Washington State University, producing vigorous, lightly spined canes, that become laden with a heavy crop of large, glossy raspberries which boast an exceptionally sweet flavour! Selected for outstanding garden performance.. Pack of 10 Bare Root Plants (canes) – SAVE £5.95!. . . . .

Raspberry Joan “J” 10 £21.99
Produces an abundance of large, bright, juicy raspberries, with a truly delicious flavour. What’s more, if you find you can’ t eat the fruit as quickly as you harvest it, Joan J comes out of the freezer tasting as sweet and delicious as the day it was picked. As a ‘primocane’ raspberry, it fruits on newly produced canes – harvest the first raspberries from late July/early August, and keep picking right through to the first frosts in October/November!. Pack of 10 Bare Root Plants (canes) – SAVE £5.95!. . . . .

Raspberry Malling Minerva 10

Raspberry Malling Minerva 10 £21.99
This superb raspberry will start to fruit in early June and carry on for up to six weeks, producing a bountiful crop of good-sized, deliciously flavoured, medium-firm raspberries. What’s more, the succulent flesh pulls effortlessly from the central core, making picking easy. An excellent choice for gardens as plants are spineless, show good disease resistance and are easy to manage.. Pack of 10 Bare Root Plants (canes) – SAVE £5.95!. . . . .

Loganberry 1 (Hyb Berry)

Loganberry 1 (Hyb Berry) £17.99
A delicious thornless hybrid between blackberry and raspberry. Ripening during July-August, the large cone-shaped berries, up to 5cm (2″) long, are full of sweet, rich flavour. In the National Fruit Trials, the average annual yield has been 5.4kg (12 lb) from an established plant. We supply 1 year-old plants from healthy, virus-free stock, which will establish quickly and fruit for many years. Excellent for a boundary fence or wall in full sun or light shade.Available as either supplied in a 3 litre pot or as a bare root plant.. 1 Bare Root Plant. . . . .

Strawberry Albion 20

Strawberry Albion 20 £17.99
A heavy cropping and disease resistant strawberry which produces a good crop of large, deliciously flavoured berries right through the summer. Plants are moderately resistant to Verticillium Wilt and highly resistant to Crown Rot, and will produce up to 1 lb of mouthwatering strawberries per plant each year! Crops from June to October in several flushes. An ideal variety for containers on the patio too. SAVE £3.95 on pack of 20 plants!. Pack of 20 Plants – SAVE £3.99!. . . . .

Tayberry Buckingham 1

Tayberry Buckingham 1 £17.99
Tayberry is a cross between blackberry and raspberry. An abundant crop of large, deliciously sweet fruit from mid July until late August. A super dessert fruit, but also good for freezing and jam making.. 1 Bare Root Plant. . . . .