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Grow your own Potatoes for Harvest at Christmas!

by Sarah - August 15th, 2011.
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Grow christmas potatoes – easy to do and gives you great tasting potatoes for your Christmas lunch!
charlotte potatoesGrow your own Potatoes for Christmas Harvest with Jersey Plants Direct
Plant late august or September to harvest at Christmas!

Potatoes Charlotte 1kg
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An RHS Award of Garden Merit Winner. This variety is the most popular salad potato in the UK
Harvesting 12 -14 weeks after planting – so plant in Late August or September for digging up at Christmas!
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The charlotte potato tubers are long with a yellow skin, a firm yellow waxy flesh and have very good resistance to Foliage and Tuber Blight. They are really tasty spuds.

Pentland javelin
Potatoes Pentland Javelin 1kg
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Imagine your own tasty home-grown potatoes in time for Christmas. A great potato for boiling and for salads

Anyone can grow christmas potatoes! You’ll need a container or potato bag and somewhere frost free. If yuou have a greenhouse or conservatory then this will do! You’ll need a bag of compost too and some fertislier. You can buy special potato fertiliser but tomato plant food should do or most other forms of fertliser.
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Grow in a container or be prepared to cover the plants with fleece in winter. They’ll do really well in a polytunnel too!
You can start chitting them now. That means just put them in a tray in the daylight so they start to shoot. They each need about 3 shots. If they have too many shoots then rub the extra ones off.
Plant them when they have well sprouted but not overly so!
August is the perfect time to start planting your potatoes ready for a Christmas day harvest. If you love new potatoes with a roast dinner then it’s amazing to be able to grow your own for your festive lunch!
It’ll be a job to do on Christmas morning to go and “unwrap” the potatoes and see how many you’ve got!
Don’t worry if you are short of space. Potatoes can be grown in patio planters on your balcony, patio or small garden. You can use any large flower tubs you’ve got! Some people even use those supermarket bags for life – the more solid ones!

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