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New products at Dobies

by Sarah - August 24th, 2011.
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Dobies has these new products today

Log Gobbler

Log Gobbler £9.95
How many times have you struggled into the house with your arms full of logs, dropped them, fought the door, covered your sweater in moss, leaves, bark and even worse? Our Log Gobbler enables you to open doors whilst carrying more logs and all without ruining your clothes!

Pea and Bean Patio Planter

Pea and Bean Patio Planter £9.95
Enjoy fresh peas and beans straight from the patio! Our easy-to-use planter is made from tough black woven polyethylene, has drainage holes and carry handles, and comes complete with a robust frame for the plants to climb up. Overall size 182cm (6′) high x 45cm (18″) wide x 35cm (14″) deep. ONLY 12 LEFTWAS £19.95, SAVE £9.95!

Dog Rocks

Dog Rocks £12.95
If you love dogs but hate those nasty brown burn patches he creates on your lawn, then Dog Rocks™ are the answer. Simply place the 200g pack contents in your pet’s water bowl and, without affecting the pH of your dog’s urine or medicating it in any way, they will eliminate the problem. Made from naturally occurring paramagnetic igneous rock, they are laboratory tested and 100% safe for your pet. Replace them after 2 months.

Flower Tower x 1 Flower Tower x 1

Flower Tower x 1 Flower Tower x 1 £19.95
Transform your patio next summer with a dramatic tower of flowers! This ingenious new UK-invented planter is quick and easy to assemble and plant up, easy to move (even when fully planted), easy to care for, and robust enough to be used year after year. Its clever internal watering system evenly distributes water and feed throughout the tower, creating an even bloom from top to bottom. 85cm (33½”) high x 25cm (9″) diameter. SAVE £7.00 when buying two!

Children's Bug Box

Children’s Bug Box £12.95
A fun way to introduce youngsters to gardeners’ helpful little friends, this dual chamber FSC timber bug box will create a natural habitat for ladybirds and other beneficial insects. Let the children fill the top section with the variable sized canes themselves, then help them to hang it on a tree, fence or pergola. Complete with a 16-page project book, full of fascinating facts and illustrations. 16cm (6¼”) wide x 10cm (4″) high, 7cm (2¾”) deep.

Jet Spray Cat Repeller

Jet Spray Cat Repeller £34.95
An eco-friendly, humane and extremely satisfying way to protect your garden from cats and other unwanted pests. Simply connect it to a hose, position and wait! A motion detector senses movement and shoots a five second jet of water at the offending animal. Coverage adjustable up to 10m (30′), and 120