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New products at MowDirect

by Sarah - August 24th, 2011.
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MowDirect has these new items today

Sanli LBPA56 Aluminium Deck Petrol Self Propelled Rotary Mower

Sanli LBPA56 Aluminium Deck Petrol Self Propelled Rotary Mower £469.00
Featuring a strong but very lightweight aluminium deck offering durability and strength combined with superior handling and ease of use, this Sanli self-propelled mower gives you great cutting flexibility with it’s ten level central cutting height adjustment and reliable, smooth power from the name engine, a Briggs and Stratton DOV750 (Direct Overhead Valve) providing 4kw at 3600 rpm. The DOV technology produces fewer vibrations, less noise and with the promise of a high-quality easy start from B&S’s Ready Start system. A generous cutting width of 56 centimetres means this mower is great for large lawns, and the cutting range goes from 20mm for a fine, close cut to 75mm, suitable foe longer, coarser growth. A large capacity grass catcher, 70 Litres, ensures long cutting periods with fewer stops to empty the bag, which is made of high-quality fabric so it breathes, allowing air to stream through to stop blockages forming and making it easier to store at the same time. Large rear wheels make tight turning simple and dual bearings prevent the wheel action stiffening over time. Operator comfort is assured with comfort grips on the foldable handles and a plastic grass catcher lid preventing problems caused by rising dust and pollen.

Sanli LBP513 3 in 1 Self Propelled Petrol Rotary Mower

Sanli LBP513 3 in 1 Self Propelled Petrol Rotary Mower £399.00
Sanli and Briggs and Stratton have to be the perfect match. Sanli, new to the UK but already known for quality, style, great construction and high end features at low cost and Briggs and Stratton, renowned for their high quality engines and research in engine technology with years of experience and expertise. The Sanli LBP513 Self Propelled Petrol Rotary Mower is the result of this match and it’s a great machine. It offers cutting flexibility offering the choice of rear discharge, collection and mulching, to make your lawn greener and healthier, it has a powerful B&S DOV750 Petrol Engine, designed to run quieter and with less vibrations, it has a lever controlled central cutting height adjustment with a wide range from 20 to 75 millimetres for anything from a short lawn to long, coarse grass with a cutting width of 51cm for larger lawns. Other quality features include comfort grip handles and dual wheel bearings for longer, smoother running without seizing up and a plastic lid on the fabric grass catcher to prevent dust from rising and irritating the operator.

Sanli LBP46 Petrol Self Propelled Lawnmower

Sanli LBP46 Petrol Self Propelled Lawnmower £319.00
A winning combination of Sanli styling, premium features and a powerhouse engine from renowned manufacturers Briggs and Stratton, this self-propelled, 46 cm cutting width lawnmower has premium features, cutting flexibility and plenty going for it under the hood. A single-lever controlled ten-level cutting height adjustment from 20-75mm means you can cut longer, coarser grass if need be and the addition of comfort handles and dual wheel bearings puts this machine in the top class of lawnmowers at this price; while the powerful Briggs & Stratton DOV750 5.5hp Petrol Engine lends even more gravitas and cutting power to a great all round machine. The large capacity grass catcher is constructed from breathable fabric allowing very good airflow through the bag, reducing clogging and blockages, and this lawnmower is perfect for small to medium lawns.

Sanli LSP513 3 in 1 Petrol Self-Propelled Rotary Mower

Sanli LSP513 3 in 1 Petrol Self-Propelled Rotary Mower £319.00
Another thoroughbred from the Sanli stable at an ordinary price, this classy looking, treated-steel decked, self-propelled lawnmower has power, great cutting with a working width of 51cm for larger sized lawns, and many premium features at an affordable price. A single-cylinder, 4-stroke OHV engine delivers 4kw@3600rpm, the cutting deck has single lever controlled central cutting height adjustment with 10 levels from 20-75mm for total cutting flexibility and the 3 in 1 cutting means collect, rear discharge and mulching, dropping the cuttings back on your lawn ensuring it grows greener and healthier. Add to that the dual wheel bearings for smooth running and longevity, large rear wheels for easy turning and handling, foldable easy storage comfort grip handles, an easy recoil start and a smart plastic lid on the large-capacity fabric grass catcher to keep rising dust away from the operator and you can see why Sanli mowers are becoming so popular.

Sanli GS2400 Portable Petrol Generator

Sanli GS2400 Portable Petrol Generator £249.00
Small enough to take with you on a camping trip or caravan holiday or to keep with you in a workshop or shed, but powerful enough to keep your beer fridge going, this neat and powerful small generator, enclosed in a rugged metal frame, has a 4-stroke engine with enough juice to run most small to medium appliances.* It provides a permanent power supply of 2000 watts with two output sockets, a 240v domestic and 110v industrial and a 1 12v supply with circuit breaker. The fuel tank takes 15 litres, for a long and practical running time of more than ten hours. It is compact and ergonomically styled and weighs in at a manageable 45kg. An oil safety cut out is included, in case your oil level runs down, to reduce damage to the engine and this semi-pro generator comes with a two year extended domestic warranty and a twelve month commercial guarantee. * Although this generator is capable of powering many items, it is always advisable to check the required wattage of an item you wish to provide power for, before plugging in, and allow for ten percent. With most tools like drills etc, the wattage stated is exactly what they need. Some larger items like freezers, some lawn mowers require more power to start up then use less. Remember when powering sensitive items like TVs, laptops etc, a surge protector is essential.

Sanli LSP46 Self Propelled Petrol Lawnmower

Sanli LSP46 Self Propelled Petrol Lawnmower £229.00
A self-propelled, treated steel-decked lawnmower with a 46cm cutting width, the LS46 is another entry in the growing number of high spec’ low cost lawnmowers from Sanli which are turning heads around the industry. With a ten level cutting height adjustment, dual wheel bearings and comfort handles, the premium features at low prices keep coming and the powerful 4-stroke engine is a Sanli 550 OHV providing plenty of power to the cutting deck. With a generous capacity grass collecting bag, made of breathable fabric for superior airflow and no clogging, this lawnmower is ideal for small to medium lawns and thanks to the 20mm-75mm cutting height range, can handle longer, rougher grass