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Price reductions at GreenFingers

by John - August 27th, 2011.
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GreenFingers has cut the price of these lines

Botanico Growing Tray

Botanico Growing Tray was £5.00 now £3.99
Perfect for growing on all your young plants these handy trays keep the pots neat tidy easy to work on and can be used time and time again. The pots are kept stable in a sturdy black plastic tray. The black plastic absorbs the heat to keep the roots warmer.Can be used in the garden or greenhouse.Terracotta pots in a black tray: 56.5×31.5×7.7cm high.

Garden Ornament - Meerkat The Guardian

Garden Ornament – Meerkat The Guardian was £14.99 now £12.99
This is the typical meerkat protective stance that the guardian adopts in the wild – he would undoubtedly be an excellent look out for intruders for you too!What makes this design even more cute is the curled up baby that rests at the feet of the guardian. The detail on the ornament really enhances these adorable characters and they would look great wherever you choose to place them.Manufactured from resin this meerkat sculpture is suitable for indoor and outdoor use as it will not crack or chip.14 wide x 38cm high

Soaker Hose 50' (15M)

Soaker Hose 50′ (15M) was £28.60 now £14.30
The soaker hose is an efficient and economical way of irrigating the garden. This is a porous hose which will emit water from pores down its full length. This means that the soaker hose can be used for long lengths of plants and is great for long borders vegetable plots or even hedging due to the great watering coverage provided by the pores in the hose. Can be used buried under or above the soil.Requires only a low water pressure to operate and is connectable to either a water butt or a mains supply. Note – water authorities will normally require that where a hose system is run from the mains the tap should incorporate a double check valve. 15 metre length

FSC Wooden Etagere

FSC Wooden Etagere was £29.99 now £19.99
This plant stand will keep plants happy almost anywhere in your home or office. With plenty of room to show off all your prized houseplants this handsome plant stand provides maximum visual impact. This three-tiered shelf allows for versatility and the spacing between the shelves will ensure the plants have room to spread out.This product would work well matched up with the FSC Corner Etagere on LS3570D.Manufactured from high quality Chinese Fir sourced from FSC Certified managed forests. 78x50x62cm high. Wood Species: FSC Certified Chinese Fir

Bermuda Pond Heater

Bermuda Pond Heater was £22.99 now £19.99
A winter life saver for your fish. Keep the ice at bay from your pond during the winter season with this Bermuda Pond Heater. Suitable for ponds with a surface area up to 2.3 square metres it keeps an area of the pond free from ice to release trapped gases from decaying vegetation and enable vital oxygen into the water. Featuring an expanded foam float which indicates the heater position in your pond and a 5 metre outdoor cable for safe connection to the mains. The 150W element is encased in brass for economical fast heat transfer.It is recommended that you use more heaters with larger surface areas:Up to 5.6 square metres: 2 heatersUp to 9.29 square metres: 3 heaters Dimensions: Length: 23cm Float: 10cm x 2cm

Botanico Seedling Mini Gro Greenhouse

Botanico Seedling Mini Gro Greenhouse was £29.99 now £22.49
The cloche design of this growhouse/greenhouse encourages the early seedling growth of younger plants. The strong reinforced and durable cover keeps the cold and frost at bay while the double windows will ensure easy access and ventilation.Best of all this lovely greenhouse is easily assembled without the need for tools. 180 x 92 x 90cm high

FSC Fir Potting Table

FSC Fir Potting Table was £28.99 now £22.99
This table is sure to have you growing all sorts of plants and a great place to keep all your garden essentials handy. Serious gardeners will appreciate the design of this potting table the two shelves allow for maximum usage. The top shelf is perfect size for mixing up plant food and getting your plants ready for potting. The lower shelf will also serve as incubating space to grow small seedlings and plants. Beautifully crafted from high quality Chinese Fir sourced from FSC Certified managed forests. 77x37x89cm high Wood Species: FSC Certified Chinese Fir

Greenfingers Mercia Folding Patio Chair

Greenfingers Mercia Folding Patio Chair was £28.99 now £23.99
Put your feet up after a busy day and relax on this Greenfingers Mercia Folding Patio Chair. With lattice and scroll detailing this aesthetically pleasing chair will certainly enhance your space. Made from steel it

Greenfingers Gibraltar Folding Patio Chair

Greenfingers Gibraltar Folding Patio Chair was £28.99 now £23.99
With its charming lattice and scroll design this Greenfingers Gibraltar Folding Patio Chair is a great addition. Aesthetically pleasing this chair will certainly enhance your space and made from steel it

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