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New products at MowDirect

by Sarah - August 28th, 2011.
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New items today at MowDirect

Honda UM616-EB Professional Grass-Manager

Honda UM616-EB Professional Grass-Manager £1895.00
The Honda UM616-EB is the largest rough-grass mower in the range and has the power and build-quality to cope with the most demanding commercial landscaping applications. It’s fitted with a very high-performance 160cc OHV engine from Honda, so you can be confident of superior fuel-economy and reliability; and it has a hydrostatic-drive; a high-specification feature that allows you to vary the forward speed while on the move, in turn improving control and enabling you to operate at the most appropriate pace for the conditions. This heavy-duty machine has a robust pressed-steel cutter-deck with four-heights-of-cut (15 – 75mm) that can be selected using handily positioned foot pedals. Very large-diameter drive wheels ensure you’ll have no trouble working on damp ground; while an extra-wide side-discharge chute makes it possible to mow very long grass without fear of blockages. The Honda UM616-EB has a huge 61cm cutting-width.

Honda UM536-EB Professional Grass-Manager

Honda UM536-EB Professional Grass-Manager £1540.00
This heavy-duty duty grass-manager from Honda has been developed for the commercial contractor who’s looking for a fast and efficient way to tackle very large areas of rough grass. It’s driven by a high-performance 160cc four-stroke Honda engine, power from which is sent via a shaft-drive transmission, so there’s no loss of torque; and it has two extra-large diameter drive-wheels, which aid turning and provide the sort of traction you’ll need to work effectively in adverse conditions. The Honda UM536-EB is equipped with a rugged pressed-steel cutter-deck and is built around a strong and durable tubular-steel frame, so it’s capable of withstanding the rigours of intensive professional use. It features Honda’s Roto-Stop® blade-brake, so you can stop the blade and keep the engine running; and it benefits from an extra-wide side-discharge chute that won’t become blocked, even if you’re mowing very long grass. This model has a 53cm working-width.

Honda HRH536-HX Professional Four-Wheeled Lawn Mower (Hydrostatic Drive)

Honda HRH536-HX Professional Four-Wheeled Lawn Mower (Hydrostatic Drive) £1395.00
Designed for both commercial and large-scale domestic applications, the Honda HRH536-HX has a substantial 53cm width-of-cut is powered by a high-performance 163cc four-stroke Honda engine. It has a hydrostatic transmission, so you can speed up and slow down in infinite increments without stopping to change gear; and it features a premium-quality alloy cutter-deck for strength, rigidity and corrosion resistance. This superb machine is equipped with Honda’s safety enhancing Roto-Stop® system, which allows you to stop the blades while keeping the engine running – great when emptying the large-capacity 83-litre grassbag. It features an adjustable cutting-height (21 – 76mm), so you can set the blade-position to suit the conditions; and it has a three-stage adjustable handlebar, which means you’ll be able to work in comfort, whatever your stature.

Honda HRX537-VY Variable-Speed Petrol Lawn Mower (With Smart-Drive)

Honda HRX537-VY Variable-Speed Petrol Lawn Mower (With Smart-Drive) £1049.00
This exceptionally versatile lawn mower from Honda features the Versamow four-in-one capability, whereby you can mulch clippings, bag them, mulch & bag them or discharge them directly on to the lawn via a rear-discharge chute (no mulch-plug is required). It’s driven by a beefy 187cc OHC engine from Honda, which you’ll find smooth-running, quiet and highly economical; and it features Honda’s new variable-speed transmission, which gives you ultimate control over the ground-speed, in turn allowing you to slow down when undertaking tricky manoeuvres, before speeding-up for uninterrupted passes. Versatility is further enhanced thanks to a very wide-ranging height-of-cut (20 – 100mm); while a three-stage height adjustable handlebar ensures you’ll be able to work in comfort, whatever your stature. The Honda HRX537-VY has a very generous 53cm working-width and comes with a cavernous 88-litre collector, so it’s ideal for larger-scale domestic use. Other high-end features include a hardwearing Xenoy® cutter-deck; and a safety-enhancing blade-break clutch, which makes it possible disengage the blades without stopping the engine (this feature comes in to its own when emptying the grassbag).

Honda HRX476-VY Four-Wheeled Petrol Lawn Mower (Variable-Speed Drive)

Honda HRX476-VY Four-Wheeled Petrol Lawn Mower (Variable-Speed Drive) £865.00
This ultra-versatile machine from top Japanese manufacturers Honda offers four different cutting-options: you can bag; mulch; rear-discharge; or simultaneously mulch and bag. It has Honda’s Smart Drive variable-speed transmission, which gives you fingertip control over the ground-speed; and it’s powered by a four-stroke GCV160 engine; one of Honda’s most popular power-units thanks to its smooth, clean-running operation and superior fuel-efficiency. The Honda HRX476-VY features Honda’s Roto-stop® technology, which means you can disengage the blades but leave the engine running – handy when emptying the capacious 69-litre collector. It has an adjustable height-of-cut (25 – 79mm), so you can set it up to achieve your preferred finish; and it’s built around a Polystrong® mower-deck, that won’t rush and guarantees a long product-life. The 47cm working-width on this model makes it ideal for those with medium- to large-sized lawns.

Honda HRH476-HY Four-Wheeled Petrol Lawn Mower (Hydrostatic Drive)

Honda HRH476-HY Four-Wheeled Petrol Lawn Mower (Hydrostatic Drive) £865.00
All Honda lawn mowers offer the very best in terms of performance, safety, convenience and practicality, and this model is no different. The Honda HRH476-HY is exceptionally versatile, with its Versamow system providing four cutting-options which are selected using a single lever – you can collect, mulch, rear-discharge, or simultaneously collect and mulch. It’s driven by an impressively powerful 160cc Honda four-stroke engine with Auto Choke for hassle-free starting and optimum performance; and it features a hydrostatic drive, which makes it quick-and-easy to adjust your ground-speed. This quality machine has a 47cm cutting-width and is equipped with a 69-litre grassbag, so it’s ideal for the medium-sized lawn. It’s built around a heavy-duty Polystrong® cutter-deck for superior longevity; and it employs Honda’s Roto-stop® blade-brake clutch for enhanced operator-safety. The handlebar folds to help save space in the shed, and is height-adjustable for more comfortable mowing. The Honda HRH476-HY also features an adjustable cutting-height (25 – 79mm), which is centrally controlled for ease-of-use.

Honda HRS536-SD Four-Wheeled Self-Propelled Mulching Lawn Mower

Honda HRS536-SD Four-Wheeled Self-Propelled Mulching Lawn Mower £489.00
If you’re looking to save time and effort by working without a grass-collector, then the Honda HRS536-SD is the machine for you. It has a mulching capability and a side-discharge chute, so both formal lawns and rough-grass areas can be tackled with equal effectiveness; and it features a self-propelled drive, which makes it possible to traverse inclines and bumpy ground with ease. This advanced machine is powered by a high-performance 5.5hp four-stroke engine with an overhead-cam for reduced noise and improved fuel-economy. It has an extra-wide 53cm working-width, so you’ll be able to get the job done with few passes; and it has a safety-enhancing blade-brake clutch; great if you need to leave the mower unattended for a second. Other notable features include a six-position height-of-cut for flexibility of use; and a heavy-duty steel deck for a lengthy working life.

MD Sweep 26 Lawn & Leaf Sweeper

MD Sweep 26 Lawn & Leaf Sweeper £89.95
Sweep up leaves and other garden debris the easy way with this quick-action brush sweeper from MowDIRECT. Suitable for use both on lawns and hard surfaces, the MD Sweep 26 will save you hours of backbreaking work around the yard and garden compared to a traditional broom or lawn rake. It has an extra-wide 26