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Apple peeler and corer – one of Stephen Fry’s favourite gadgets

by Sarah - August 30th, 2011.
Filed under: Wiggly Wigglers.

Apple Peeler, Corer and SlicerApple peeler from Wiggly Wigglers

Just turn the handle and it peels, cores and slices the apples.

This Apple Peeler, Corer and Slicer makes short work of sorting out your apple harvest! Aim for total processing in under 15 seconds per apple. What better way is there to encourage you and your family to enjoy an apple a day?
Even better, there’s no machine noise and you can really get going preparing apples for pies, apple sauce and for freezing or dehydrating.
You can even use it to peel pears and potatoes, provided they are more round than knobbly.
Stainless steel with rubber base and screw clamp fixing.