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Carrot seeds

by Sarah - September 21st, 2011.
Filed under: Jersey Plants.

Need rock free soil. Siece soil, add sand and make sure it’s deep enough for the variety of carrot you’re growing.
Love growing carrots. Ferny foliage looks nice, so again a plant for the busy border.
Can be grown in pots, again check depth.
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Carrot Amsterdam 1000 Seeds

Carrot Amsterdam 1000 Seeds £2.99
Small and SweetSmall sweet carrots.

Carrot Autumn King 1000 Seeds

Carrot Autumn King 1000 Seeds £2.99
A large rooted carrot ideal for storingSowing time is from January to AprilThis variety of carrot has large roots and is ideal for storing

Carrot Flyaway F1 500 Seeds

Carrot Flyaway F1 500 Seeds £2.99
natural sweet & British bredThis variety is a popular, naturally sweet, British bred carrot.