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Primrose BOGOF

by Sarah - September 28th, 2011.
Filed under: Jersey Plants.

Primrose Green LaceOrder now and get this very special Primrose offer!

This mail order exclusive Primrose is now available for only £13.99 for 12 jumbo ready plants!

Thats better than buy 1 get one free! (compared to 6 plants for £15.99)

Order your BOGOF primroses now

Primrose Green Lace 12 Jumbo Ready Plants, £13.99

A unique colouring variety with beautiful green ruffled flowers with yellow centres. This Primrose is a mail order exclusive and only available on the web.

Jumbo Ready Plants are grown in individual cells and measure approximately 8-12cm in height from the root of the plant to the top of the stem. They are despatched later in the season as we have grown them to a larger size for you and are ready to be planted straight out into the garden.