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Autumn pond care from Bradshaws Direct

by Sarah - October 3rd, 2011.
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Autumn Pond care hints – keep the pond free of vegetation that will rot. Remove dead plants and take leaves out. Ideally you want to stop the leaves going in – it’s less work that way.

Bradshaws Direct

Things you might need to order now –
Cold Weather Fish Food – temperatures will start dropping soon! I know we’ve just had a mini heat wave.
When temperatures are between 4-10 degrees celcius your fish need to be eating a wheatgerm food.

Pond Nets
A range of pond nets suitable for all sizes of pond fish, as well as for removing leaves and debris. Leaves have started falling and can pollute the water quickly. Check every day or two. A net over the top can help reduce the number going in

Order these Ice Preventers, Pond Heaters and Thermometers now so you’re ready for that sudden cold snap.
Keep an eye on the temperature of your pond with our range of ice preventers and thermometers.