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Beautiful Flowering Bulbs from less than 16p each!

by Sarah - October 5th, 2011.
Filed under: Jersey Plants.

Beautiful Flowering Bulbs from less than 16p each!

Bulbs are low maintenance for the most part! Plant and leave to do their thing! Great bulbs for different parts of the garden. Daffodils look fabulous in spring with their golden heads fluttering and dancing in the breeze.

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Anemone Blanda 50 Bulbs

Anemone Blanda 50 Bulbs £7.99
A traditional favourite.This variety is a traditional favourite, great for containers and tubs and will brighten up any garden.

Large Flowering Crocus 50 Bulbs

Large Flowering Crocus 50 Bulbs £7.99
Larger flowers every yearThese large Crocus will continue to divide year on year producing a bigger and more colourful display. Plant en mass for best effect

Dutch Iris Collection 50 Bulbs

Dutch Iris Collection 50 Bulbs £7.99
Bold colours make these excellent for cut flowersA beautiful Dutch Iris collection of blue, yellow and purples that make excellent cut flowers and will often produce secondary blooms.

Snowdrops 50 Bulbs

Snowdrops 50 Bulbs £8.99
Perfect for springThese Snowdrops will look beautiful in any garden and will let you know that spring is on its way. Perfect for a natural garden.

Daffodil Tete a tete 50 Bulbs

Daffodil Tete a tete 50 Bulbs £9.99
Free Flowering Dwarf DaffodilThis free flowering dwarf variety of daffodil is great for garden containers or pots and can also be grown indoors.

Daffodil Dwarf Collection 50 Bulbs

Daffodil Dwarf Collection 50 Bulbs £11.99
Splash some colour in your window box for springA superb collection of different dwarf varieties. Great for containers and window boxes, can also be grown indoors.

Bluebells 50 Bulbs

Bluebells 50 Bulbs £12.99
Create a natural garden for springBring the essence and aroma of a spring woodland to your garden with these English Bluebells. Perfect for a natural garden