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Flower seeds – time to plan what you’ll grow next year

by Sarah - October 19th, 2011.
Filed under: Jersey Plants.

As autumn creeps in it’s good to start looking at seeds and what you can be growing from scratch next year. Jersey plants direct have some great flower seeds for you.

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Gazania Firecracker 50 Seeds

Gazania Firecracker 50 Seeds £3.99
Stunning brightly coloured gazaniasSowing time is from December to AprilThese stunning brightly coloured gazanias have large daisy-like flower heads. Each flower has a variety of colours on the petals. The flowers will be borne throughout the summer. The Gazania Firecracker is good in dry conditions and is salt tolerant so ideal for seaside conditions. Plant in full sun to ensure to see this plant at its best.

Geranium Balcony (Trailing) 20 Seeds

Geranium Balcony (Trailing) 20 Seeds £3.99
Trailing geranium producing an abundance of pretty pink flowersSowing time is from December to AprilThis trailing geranium has delicate pink and red flowers that will trail beautifully from hanging baskets and containers. They are good in dry conditions, making them perfect for hanging baskets. A fantastic plant for bringing colour to your garden.

Impatiens Double Deluxe 50 Seeds

Impatiens Double Deluxe 50 Seeds £3.99
Beautiful double flowering ImpatiensSowing time is from December to AprilImpatiens, commonly known as Busy Lizzies, are a beautiful example of a bedding plant. They are renowned for their long lasting colour and perfect for window boxes and patio containers. This Impatiens Double Deluxe has lovely double flowers and spreads well so will provide good coverage to your borders.

Pansy Cascadia (Trailing) 50 Seeds

Pansy Cascadia (Trailing) 50 Seeds £3.99
Unique Trailing Pansy perfect for hanging basketsSowing time is from December to AprilPansy Cascadia is a unique trailing Pansy that will look beautiful in your hanging baskets. The flowers are a mix of yellow, purple and lilac and will gently cascade over the sides of pots and hanging baskets.

Verbena Glory Days 50 Seeds

Verbena Glory Days 50 Seeds £3.99
A proven favourite of the pastSowing time is from December to AprilThese bedding plants are a proven favourite of the past. They will flower throughout the summer and bring a mass of deep red and pink colours to your borders.

Zinnia Abundance 50 Seeds

Zinnia Abundance 50 Seeds £3.99
Vibrant coloured daisy-like flowers loved by wildlifeSowing time is from December to April. Attracts Wildlife: This variety is great for attracting bees, butterflies and moths to the garden.This Zinnia has daisy-like flowers in a fiery range of colours. It is good in dry conditions.

Pansy Sweet Pea 50 Seeds

Pansy Sweet Pea 50 Seeds £3.99
Ruffled flowers characteristics to Sweet PeasSowing time is from June to SeptemberThese bedding plants have unique ruffled flowers and are ideal as cut flowers. They will need to be grown with cane supports and have similar characteristics to Sweet Peas

Petunia Grand Prix (Trailing) 50 Seeds

Petunia Grand Prix (Trailing) 50 Seeds £3.99
Best selling Trailing Petunia will not fail to delightSowing time is from December to AprilPetunias have colourful flowers that will bring masses of interest throughout the summer. This Petunia Grand Prix has a mix of pink, red and rose flowers with dark centres and will cascade beautifully over the sides of your hanging baskets.

Cosmos Hot Pink 50 Seeds

Cosmos Hot Pink 50 Seeds £3.99
Large striking pink and white flowers on delicate feathery foliageSowing time is from December to AprilThis cosmos has striking large pink and white flowers sitting above delicate feathery foliage. They are the perfect addition to your borders with their pretty daisy like flowers.

Wallflower Fortune 50 Seeds

Wallflower Fortune 50 Seeds £3.99
Scented and perfect filling those winter gapsSowing time is April to SeptemberThis variety of wallflower is a F1 variety which is scented. Lovely long lasting displays from this reliable bedding plant.