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Emptying out the compost

by Sarah - October 22nd, 2011.
Filed under: allotment, garden.

I’ve moved one of my plastic compost bins in the garden today. I emptied out the compost and barrowed it to different parts of my vegetable patch to rake it out later.
It was amazing stuff for the most part apart from a layer of thin twigs that hadn’t rotted down completely. It’s probably the best compost I’ve ever made – pictures will follow shortly!

I’ve had 4 barrows of compost out of the bin which is great. I’ve moved the bin slightly and started filling it up with the dead pumpkin and courgette plants that have been fading in colour and vigor this week due to the weather change.

In the compost bin I found a few potatoes too – there’s always a potato plant that manages to grow in the compost and I always leave them. They rot down or in this case produce potatoes! I’ve got about three pound of potatoes for my tea. I also found a courgette when I cleared them too!

CompostI’m going to clear up the patch, weed the strawberries and maybe take some more runners off.

My allotment needs strimming. The big section I have left to do looks very overgrown.

We had a plotholder use the rotavator yesterday and they tried to force it through tree roots and it’s broken the drive belt. They’ve also managed to lose the bolt and split pin that holds the depth leg on. Which means I have to shop around for the best place to get replacement parts. The genuine article drive belt costs £17 at Merry Tiller supplies – but my dad says if it’s just a “V” section belt you can replace it for a couple of quid with a car fan belt. That of course means going to the local parts shop at some point in the next day or three to see how much it costs for a new one rather than just ordering on the internet. The plotholder has offered to pay for the new parts though.