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Minding My Peas and Cucumbers

by Sarah - October 27th, 2011.
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Minding My Peas and CucumbersFab book – I got this for my birthday and have just finished reading it.

Minding My Peas and Cucumbers is written by Kay Seaton who’s worked on several different allotment sites as a co-worker. She explains all about co-workers (an idea by which a plot holder gets help with their plot, but the co-worker has no tenancy rights) and the fun she’s had on allotments. There’s some funny and poignant stories in the book and I know if you have an interest in allotments you will actually laugh out loud at it!

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Her book makes it clear how much hard work it is to get an allotment, let alone actually working on one! It’s an interesting story that might make you approach your local allotment site and see if any plotholders want a co-worker, so that rather than waiting years you can get a go on a plot now and start digging and planting and harvesting.