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by Sarah - November 3rd, 2011.
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Mine are still doing well although they are very perfumed they’re not very sweet. Raspberry I only have a small patch of raspberries in my back garden and a couple of plants in the front but this year has been massive in terms of fruit picked.

Jersey Plants Direct have raspberries available to buy. Plant a few in your garden and you’ll be picking fresh raspberries yourself next year!
They are probably one of the easiest fruits to grow and indeed cope well with neglect. If you planted them on a bit of land and left them to it they’d be quite happy. The birds don’t seem to eat the fruit either which means no netting needed unlike other fruit that needs caging.
Delicious in flans or just with cream, or even eating them as you pick them on a hot summers day, raspberries are one of my favourite fruits. In the supermarkets they are horribly expensive – about £2 for 100g. For days on end this year I picked about 400-500g of fruit each day from a small patch of raspberries so they make good economic sense to grow in your own garden. The plants will give fruit year after year.
Turn them into jam to preserve them, or bottle them in vodka! I’ve got a small sample of raspberry vodka to try this weekend – they’ve been in about three weeks so I will have to report back on how good it tastes!

Raspberries Rubus Heritage (Red) 3 Plants

Raspberries Rubus Heritage (Red) 3 Plants £12.99
An abundance of great flavoured raspberries
Raspberries don’t mind a bit of shade as long as they have well drained soil. The more sun you can let them have though the better. The fruit is sweeter when it’s had plenty of sunshine. You will delight in picking your own raspberries, fresh from your garden – from plot to plate within a few minutes. Eat fresh with cream or make into pues and flans or turn into jam and enjoy this amazing fruit all winter.This raspberry plant produces an abundance of great flavoured fruit. Good all round disease resistance. Ideal for cooking.

Raspberries Rubus Apricot (Yellow) 3 Plants

Raspberries Rubus Apricot (Yellow) 3 Plants £12.99
An attractive raspberry with superb quality fruit making it ideal for your garden.
Prefers well drained soil and sunshine but mine cope well in a bit of shade. The soil needs to be well looked after before planting as they stay in the same place for years so dig in plenty of well rotted compost. Picking your own raspberries is something you too can be enjoying before long. These raspberries have an attractive colour with superb quality fruit being produced.