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Fruit tree bargains – you have to see these!

by Sarah - November 4th, 2011.
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Mini-Orchard Collection with Free Cherry at Garden Bargains

Fantastic value – would make a brilliant early Christmas present for anyone! Perfect if you have kids as they will enjoy planting it and picking the fruit in the years to come! Encourages healthy eating and a perfect way of saving money on your fruit bills in the future.

What you get – trees that are 5ft tall! They’ll only grow to about 7ft so are ideal for small gardens. They’ll prefer sunshine but will be happy with dappled shade but not full shade. Order some today and you could be planting your own orchard really soon! These are great value and over the lifetime of the trees the fruit will be virtually free. You will be picking your own fruit for years to come and the trees take very little care.

Flower/Fruiting Time the blossom in March/April and fruit July-September
Plant them at least 6ft apart though so they have plenty of room to stretch out and you can walk between the trees still. They will fill out over a few years. They need a light prune in the winter. Instructions are given and it’s not complicated. Prepare the soil well. You don’t move trees so get it right first time. Dig the hole to the right depth and then add some Blood, Fish & Bone organic fertilizer. Follow the instructions carefully – start digging the holes when you order the trees so they are ready to be planted as soon as they arrive.

What trees you get –

Delicious Crisp Braeburn Apple
Braeburn trees are renown for their massive cropping – and even in the first growing season these trees will yield several pounds of juicy, crisp, mouth watering fruit, thereafter the crop size just gets bigger and bigger every year. They are ready to enjoy from September onwards, and if stored in a cool place will last up to three months. Home freezing will allow you to savour that delicious Braeburn flavour all year round.

Delicious Conference Pear
Everyone knows that ripe juicy British pears are one of the most succulent fruits you can eat. The ‘Conference’ variety has a flavour of it’s own which is just simply sublime. Once established your tree will produce over 100lbs of delicious fruit every year. You can pick your fruits whilst hard from mid-September to store in a cool place – then allow them to ripen in a bowl at room temperature as required. Alternatively just leave them to ripen naturally on the tree during October.

Victoria Plum
Once tasted never forgotten. Our Victoria Plum tree is a popular classic offering incredibly juicy flavoured fruit and bumper crops year-upon-year. You can expect your tree to be laden with at least 100lbs of fruit for the next 30 years and beyond. Harvest from late July onwards, Victorias are ideal for jams, preserves and pies, or if kept in the freezer you can enjoy these beauties all year round.

These three are classics and you will pick lots of fruit each year.